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Tennis outfits: Lacoste Fall 2012

Posted on August 28, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

Tennis outfits: Lacoste Fall 2012


Tennis outfits: Lacoste Fall 2012 by tennis-warehouse

When you think Lacoste, classy and classic might just come to mind. The women’s Fall 2012 collection certainly falls into those categories. Preppy? Maybe. But it’s undeniably fashionable. I threw in some Maui Jim sunglasses as a fun accessory because these look great both on and off the court. Check out the details below.

Lacoste Fall Pique Skort
I love that this waistband is elastic to keep it sporty but has a belted look to keep it classy.

Lacoste Low Cut Ped Socks
Just say no to sock tan lines with low cut socks! Plus, the Croc is just so cute on these must-haves.

Lacoste Headband
Another great piece that translates to your off-court life, this headband keeps your hair neatly (and stylishly) in place.

Maui Jim Thousand Peaks Sunglasses
Yes, please! These are super lightweight and so cute. Maui Jim does style and performance. Everything looks so sharp through these lenses.

Lacoste Fall Sleeveless Polo
When I think Lacoste, I think pique polo. Here’s the tennis version! Sleeveless to keep you cool and allow full swings, this one is still full of Lacoste’s timeless style.
Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

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