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K-Swiss Tennis — American Heritage Brand Modernizes

Posted on December 8, 2014 in Shoes and Apparel

Tennis players and non-tennis players alike will likely recognize the classic court shoes KSwiss has produced since the ’60s.¬†Founded in Los Angeles in 1966 by two brothers living the American dream, KSwiss came about from the inspiration of leather ski boots to create the first all-leather tennis shoe. Since, the 5 stripes and leather comfort have become the signature trait for the brand. Evolving over the years, KSwiss continues to produce some of the most comfortable shoes on the market while still competing to be produce the highest quality performance tennis shoe.


KSwiss — an All-American Heritage Tennis Brand


the KSWISS shoe vault including shoes worn by the Woodies at the 2000 French Open

KSwiss maintains its reputation based on quality products loved by tennis players around the world. And it doesn’t hurt that two of the best doubles teams in the history of our sport have spent their tenure playing under the KSwiss brand. Between the Woodies and the Bryan Brothers, KSwiss has provided shoes for more than a handful of Grand Slam titles. With the Bryan Brothers winning their 100th title this year, who better than to represent this American Heritage Tennis brand?! This California court brand isn’t stopping there and promises to continue to provide us tennis players with high performing shoes.


Hit Me With Your Bigshot

Posted on December 1, 2010 in Shoes and Apparel

For me, K Swiss made its mark in the tennis industry with one of the best selling shoes to date, the Ultrascendor. In 2003, Tennis Magazine awarded the shoe “Editor’s Choice” because of its superb engineering. In agreement, I wore the shoe in every match I played from juniors to college. It was for the competitive player wanting a lightweight shoe that could live through the grind of aggressive play.

As players continue to grow into more aggressive styles of play, K Swiss has engineered a new shoe, the Bigshot. Players such as Gael “I’m French and I’m Fast” Monfils, the supposed GOAT doubles pair, the Bryan Brothers, and Kateryna Bondarenko, stand by the hype of this shoe.

Check out Tennis Warehouse’s women’s shoe review to see if this shoe lived up to its hype for our female playtesters.

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