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Tennis strings that produce the most spin

Posted on March 13, 2013 in Miscellaneous

Rafael Nadal's "buggy-whip" forehand is being emulated by junior players all around the world trying to generate the most topspin that they can on their forehand.

Rafael Nadal’s “buggy-whip” forehand is being emulated by junior players all around the world in an attempt to generate as much topspin as they can with their forehands. ¬†Photo courtesy of Cynthia Lum.

Tennis players of all levels have gone crazy for spin in recent years! With the latest racquet and string technology along with younger players trying to replicate the modern swings of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, players are trying to maximize the amount of spin in their games as best as they can.

Our TW University Professor Crawford Lindsey has done extensive testing on how spin is produced during a shot, and what factors apart from the stroke itself aid or hamper the production of spin. At contact, the ball hits the stringbed and moves the main strings (the strings that are horizontal at impact), sliding them out of position vertically against the cross strings. As the ball leaves the strings, the main strings snap back into their original position. A string’s ability to slide and snap back efficiently is what our TW Professor concluded to be the biggest difference between strings in terms of their spin potential. Therefore, the further the main strings can stretch during this process, the greater the snap back force is, and thus the more spin you can generate.

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