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My First Clinic: A Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on October 18, 2010 in Health & Nutrition

I recently just had my very first clinic at Tennis Warehouse. Like I said in my first blog, part of my job is educate our TW employees about upcoming products and products that customers will call and ask questions about. After each clinic, I will share the information on these products, so you better understand them as well.

For my first clinic, the theme was about living a healthy lifestyle along with fitness. Since I have grown up with parents who were professional players and playing my entire life, I have experienced and seen countless tennis related injuries. At TW, we sell many products that help with rehab, injury prevention, and different type of treatments that can make you healthier, more flexible, and become the quickest tennis player on the court. Most of the products in this clinic, I have used and really believe benefited my body.

The first product I introduced was the Resistance Tube, which sells for $16.95. This medium strength resistance band has been my go to product for the past 5 weeks because I strained my rotator cuff. This green tube helps strengthen and stretch your shoulders, wrists, and elbows. I actually make the Cal Poly women’s team do it every morning after their dynamic warm up. It is really good to warm up your arms prior to work out, especially if you are planning to play for more than a few hours.

Resistance Tube

The Athlete Stretch Strap (which come in black, blue, red or pink) also sells for $16.95. This strap is the perfect way to remove lactic acid after a vigorous work out, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. The reason why I use this after a match or a tough day on the courts is because it includes stretches for your lower body, rather than the resistance tubes, which is more for your arms.

Athlete Stretch Strap

The next product, Kinesio Tex Gold Tape, I believe will be one of the biggest trends in the next few years. This elastic therapeutic tape comes in 3 sizes, the bulk 2” ×103” for $67.99, the 2”× 16.4” for $12.99 and the 3” × 16.4 for $18.99. The reason this tape is so effective is that it has an elasticity of 140%, which is the elasticity found in skin or muscles, so the tape works with your body. The way to use this tape is by taping around your injury, which tightens the skin, supporting it, allowing increased blood circulation to your injury. I know that may seem confusing, however, you can watch how to use Kinesio tape on our youtube site as well as on learning center, which I recommend all of you check out! You can keep the tape on for 3-5 days, and even our play testers benefited from it.

Kinesio Tape on Serena Williams

The China Gel Topical Reliever has been my “knight in shining armor” ever since I hurt my rotator cuff. The 4 ounce China Gel sells for $12.95 and the 6 ounce for $18.95. The easiest way for me to explain this therapeutic gel is to compare it to a Bengay or Icyhot. However, the reason why I recommend it over the others is that it is organic and the 7 herbal ingredients come from ancient Chinese medicine. Every morning I take ibuprofen as well as rub China Gel on my shoulder. I soon get a tingling warm feeling in my shoulder, and by the time I warm up, the tingling feeling is gone, but the ibuprofen has kicked in. It is a perfect combination to ease my pain.

China Gel

I was hoping I could find a book that could tie this clinic together and “From Breakpoint to Advantage” does it more than justice. This book sells for $29.95, which does not seem too expensive, considering it is all about tennis related injuries, including: prevention, treatment approaches, and how to return to play. The best part of the book is it is so easy to find what you are looking for and then there is vital information. For instance I looked up rotator cuff, found the symptoms, the treatment principles I needed, strength training to get back on the court, and even types of stretches to use. I also liked how there were pictures in the book for all of us who are visual learners.

"From Breakpoint to Advantage"

The next product I have never tried, but many employees at TW recommended it to me. The Superfeet Premium Insoles come in blue and green for $31.50 and orange for $34.50. The blue insoles are for low to medium arched feet, while the green insoles are for medium to high arched feet. The orange insoles are for medium to high arched feet with maximum shock absorption. These insoles are really good because of the high-density foam that gives you long-lasting support. Many of our employees that tested them out said to give it a week or so for your feet and body to adjust. The insoles are designed for the center heel to stand up, in order to balance your body’s weight, and therefore taking stress off of your joints and muscles.

Superfeet Premium Insoles

My absolute favorite product is the Power Balance bracelet for $29.95. I am staring at my hot pink Power Balance as I type this ☺. It comes in almost every color! The holograms in the bracelet are embedded with frequencies that react positively with your natural energy and therefore increase your balance, strength, and flexibility. I know a lot of people are skeptical about this bracelet, but we even did the Power Balance test in our clinic. If you stretch without the bracelet on and then put it on, you will see improved results immediately. Even Lakers star, Lamar Odom, wears Power Balance on his wrist! However, we only sell Power Balance on our Racquetball Warehouse website.

Power Balance

I use the Head Quick Start Tennis Dome Cones almost everyday at practice with the women’s team at Cal Poly. These 10 orange cones and 10 yellow cones for a price of $29.95, are perfect for specific drills and on-court games. I use this for serving targets to deep baseline crosscourt points, but most importantly, I love it for quick movement drills. There are many speed drills that can be used with these cones that can make you quicker, leaner, and faster on the court.

Head Quick Start Tennis Dome Cones

These are the 8 products that I explained in detail at my clinic. I hope you enjoyed learning about them, and maybe even have an urge to purchase one online! I will be back next week to share insight on the new Yonex E-Zone racquets!

Living the Dream,


Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Posted on June 11, 2010 in Health & Nutrition

The Good News:

After many months of being plagued with Plantar Fasciitis, I am no longer experiencing any discomfort in my heel. I am now able to move freely on the court without pain. The transition and healing was a very slow process, which coincides with others I’ve spoken with that have experienced the same affliction. I have to give a lot, if not all of the credit to the Superfeet insoles I regularly used. I wore them while playing tennis and basketball as well as in my everyday choices of casual footwear. Though there was an adjustment period of getting used to the feel of them (especially when playing sports), I got used to the supportive feel and didn’t notice any discomfort.

The Bad News:

My pain free play was short lived. As my body became healthier, I was able to play more tennis. What a great thing, right? The tennis began to take its toll on me with a little something called golfer’s elbow. What is golfer’s elbow, you ask? It’s tendonitis on the medial side of the elbow. (Tennis elbow is tendonitis on the lateral side). As I continued to play and train for an upcoming tournament while filming practice and drills from our Gotta Want It series, the pain was annoying, yet manageable. Resting my elbow would be the best remedy without a doubt. Being that we were nearing the tournament, I didn’t see that as the best option, only because I could get through hitting sessions and matches with minimal pain. It was after these sessions that I would experience extreme tenderness in my elbow. Along with icing, I also tried other things to help keep my elbow at minimum damage and pain. I used a compression sleeve by Skins, which aided in keeping my elbow warm with a compressed feel. Along with that, I used Kinesio Tape. These, mind you, are not remedies, but do help with support.

Now that we’ve finished the Gotta Want It series, I’m able to give proper rest to my elbow, and hope to be going full speed again before too long.

On a coincidental side note:

Another fellow TW player had experienced Plantar Fasciitis the same time I did. We both healed at about the same rate. This same person started suffering from Golfer’s Elbow about the same time I did as well. Coincidence? Is there a correlation between plantar faciitis and golfer’s elbow? I am forced to wonder.

Spencer, TW.

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