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Women’s Tennis Backpacks for every budget!

Posted on May 17, 2014 in Bags

Women's Tennis Backpacks: Save vs Splurge

What do you carry your tennis equipment in?  A large 12 pack? A smaller more convenient 3 pack? Or the more mobile backpack? For this week’s save vs splurge, I choose two sleek black backpacks at two different price points.  For my save, I chose the Jet CoolJet Bag in Ostrich Ink. You can carry one oversized racquet or two smaller racquets in a specialized compartment. There are tons of accessory pockets to stay organized as well as a convertible strap to turn a shoulder strap into two backpack straps. For my splurge, I chose the ultra-luxurious Court Couture Hampton Backpack Bag. This bag has a slightly bigger racquet compartment that can hold two oversized racquets. The fun polka dot interior has enough room to hold your other equipment along with several accessory pockets and detachable backpack straps.

Check back next week for another edition of save vs splurge!

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