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Save vs Splurge

Posted on June 27, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

I am one of those girls that enjoys shopping.  I have days where I am on a mission to find the best deals and lowest prices on everything and anything.  Then there are the days that I just want to go all out and buy the cream of the crop.  Luckily at Tennis Warehouse, I can have my cake and eat it too!

Jet Tote in Reptilian Rose vs Court Couture in Dusty Rose Daisy

Bags are a prime example of this. The Jet Tote Bag in Reptilian Rose is a super stylish bag that can hold a couple of racquets, plenty of pockets and compartments, and comes with a matching cosmetic case.  You can buy it for $67.99.  When I want to dish out a little bit more cash, I head towards Court Couture.  These highly fashionable bags are top quality with plenty of pockets, a large compartment to hold a lap top, and a separate cosmetics case.  Get the Court Couture Cassanova Bag in Dusty Rose Daisy for $209.00.

Nike Border Dress II vs Eliza Audley Baby Doll Dress

Every girl needs a little black and white dress, even out on the tennis court.  Nike’s Basic Border Dress II comes in at a budget friendly price of $70.00 and features contrast border details, built in shelf bra, and mesh panels for ventilation.  On the other side, the Eliza Audley Baby Doll Dress steps up the fashion with a pleated body and cute straps that form a racer back.  Your splurge is worth every penny with this high quality dress at $150.00.

adidas Barricade Team 2 vs adidas Barricade 7

I can’t forget about shoes!  Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?  And this season, it is all about standing out with color.  adidas shows how it is done with their budget conscious  adidas Barricade Team 2 in prime ink blue and red.  The comfort-oriented and lightweight model comes in at $74.95.  When you’re looking for a high performance tennis shoe that you will get your money’s worth, the Barricade Team 2’s big sister, the adidas Barricade 7 in prime ink blue and red is the perfect example.  Loaded with all the latest technologies and featuring a six month durability guarantee, the adidas Barricade 7 comes in at $119.95. Both shoes are miCoach compatible.

Wilson BLX Envy vs Wilson BLX Juice 100

I’m rounding out my blog and saving the best for last with racquets.  You can’t play tennis without a racquet, right?!  Well, Wilson has lots of “more bang for your buck” racquets including the new Wilson BLX Envy coming in at $99.00.  A lightweight racquet armed with some BLX technologies, this racquet is perfect for a beginner to intermediate player.  When looking for a top notch racquet, the Wilson BLX Juice 100 is the perfect splurge.  Top professional players Victoria Azarenka and Feliciano Lopez sport this racquet out on the stadium court.  A powerful and maneuverable racquet, the Juice puts you back $189.00.

So what are you feeling like doing today, saving or splurging?

Ad Out,

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