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Doubles in Ilkley

Posted on July 15, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Taking a break during play in Ilkley, England.

Taking a break during play in Ilkley, England.

The singles matches ran late, pushing back our doubles encounter with the number four seeds. The conditions were hot and the grass courts were a little slippery from the moisture in the air.

The match was a strange one. The ball was skidding through the court, barely making it off the ground. This made returning serve virtually impossible, and subsequently service games were flying by with barely a rally. Unfortunately, we were the first to falter at 4-4, and we got broken. They held to take the set.

The second set was more of the same. We came very close to breaking at 4-4 ourselves but couldn’t quite get it done and before we knew it we had got broken ourselves, and the match was over 4-6 4-6. It was a disappointing result. Not because I felt we played badly but because I really thought we had a good chance of doing well in the tournament. Perhaps with a little more practice and matches together we can be more successful.


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