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Ice Down, so you can Fire Up

Posted on October 14, 2011 in Health & Nutrition

With all the tennis I play weekly, I’ve developed a mild case of tendinitis in my knees over the past year. One thing I’ve found to help alleviate the next day stiffness and pain is that age old remedy of icing. Makes sense and sounds easy enough, right? Just get some ice and put it on your knees. But when icing at home, using ice from your freezer can be more trouble than you think. The ice cubes can be too big or uncomfortable, not creating even distribution of cold, not to mention the bags that hold the ice can leak, causing a mess. Yes, these things have happened to me, and it’s a real drag.

Enter Ice Down.

Re-freezable cold packs with neoprene wraps. No ice cubes or possible leaky bags to deal with. Simple, yet convenient. Just pull the cold packs out of the freezer, insert them into the neoprene wraps and wrap them around your problem areas while securing them with that old versatile Velcro enclosure.

I, along with my avid running wife, use them all the time and find them not only soothing on our aches, but highly convenient as well. With a year of regular use under our belts, they’re still in great shape, and when we Ice Down, it helps us get ready to fire up for our next workout!

Order yours today!

Spencer, TW.

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