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Tennis Warehouse Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies!

Posted on November 27, 2013 in Bags Miscellaneous Racquets Shoes and Apparel

It’s that time of year, the Holidays are just around the corner! Whether you have started your shopping already and just need one more special item for that lovely tennis lady in your life, or if you haven’t even begun — I’m here to help you out! So read on and click here to check out a few of our favorite things for the ladies this year in Tennis Warehouse’s Ladies Gift Guide!


It’s All in Your Head… band

Posted on October 14, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Anyone tired of wearing the same old hats and visors to keep their hair out of their face when playing tennis?

A solution to this problem is a headband, which creates both a functional and fashionable look. Players like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Victoria Azarenka have been seen rocking them during their matches.

Personally, for most of my tennis playing days, I am a fan of hats and visors. I think this reason stems from the fact that if I don’t wear something, my hair is constantly in my face. I have been skeptical about the headband because a lot of them tend to slide off my head when I do any sort of physical activity. However after seeing many pros pull off the look, I gave it another shot.

I can say now, after many trials and tribulations, that I am a headband expert. I have tried numerous headbands, and one of my favorites is the Roxy Train Hard headband. Roxy, mostly known for its surf and snow clothing, has recently entered into the tennis market and this headband is a piece in their line. Two of my favorite parts about this headband are the thicker width (3/4 of an inch) that give a sporty yet feminine vibe and the fact that there are ten colors options to pick from. With that many colors, I can match my headband to any of my outfits. I chose the bright blue because I thought it would add a pop of color to anything I wear. I was also impressed with how comfortable it is. Some headbands are too loose and don’t stay on my head and others are too tight and give me a headache. This one seems to be just the right combination of the two for my head size. Another perk I found is the tacky lining that Roxy placed on the inside of the headband. This feature helped keep it securely in place even when I was playing tennis and moving around.

Roxy Headband in blue

As much as I love this headband (I wore it three days straight with every outfit), it had just a few negatives. The first was the durability of the tacky lining. After several days playing tennis and sweating, the tackiness of the lining turned into having more of a smooth and rubbery feel. Even though the tackiness decreased, I still don’t have any problems with it staying on my head. However, like any headband that I wear, I do find myself adjusting it once or twice every now again due to it starting to fall (or pop) off my head. Another small downside was after a couple of competitive uses, a small part of the silk-screened logo came off. Even though the headband is now not cosmetically perfect, it doesn’t impact the playability and I will continue to wear it regardless.

Now that I am a self-proclaimed headband guru, I have come up with a couple tips with helping to avoid the inevitable slipping issues. For starters, I put a little hair spray in my hair before putting the headband on to give it a little extra grip. I also find wearing the headband close to my hairline helps to keep it in place.

Anyone else have any advice or tips?

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