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Head WingTennis

Posted on March 21, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Tennis on the Wings of a Biplane

It all began when a HEAD Tennis Facebook fan posted an old photograph on www.facebook.com/headtennis and asked: “Has anybody ever tried this?” In the black-and-white picture two dare-devil men can be seen playing tennis on the wings of a biplane. HEAD took up the dialogue with its Facebook community and promised to try the experiment with one of its tennis pros. Novak Djokovic agreed to do it: “I asked myself: ‘Is this really possible? Playing tennis on the wings of an airplane?’ And I decided to accept the challenge,” Novak said about his extraordinary stunt.

Here are the first four video clips:

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Leading into the fifth and final video, HEAD racquet rebel Novak Djokovic and HEAD Tennis have produced a spectacular short film featuring the new YouTek™ IG Speed racquet played by the Australian Open and Davis Cup champion. Novak and his new chosen weapon go airborne to play tennis on the wings of a legendary Antonov II biplane to bring to life the concept of “Ultimate SPEED” in dramatic scenes.

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Check out Novak Djokovic’s comments after his epic flight.

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There is truly no shortage of powerful players and talents supporting HEAD in this endeavour: In addition to Novak Djokovic, Robin Söderling and Andy Murray are two other players in the ATP Top Ten under contract with HEAD. And only recently, sports and fashion icon Maria Sharapova joined the team of stars equipped with tennis racquets, bags and accessories by HEAD coming out later this year.

Novak Djokovic

Here is a list of the different versions of the new YouTek Speed IG Series:

YouTek IG Speed MP 16/19: The Speed MP 16/19 is the perfect combination of power and feel in a slightly longer version to accommodate a wide range of players.

YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20: The Speed MP is Novak Djokovic’s racquet of choice. It comes with an 18×20 string pattern and appeals to a wide range of players with its perfect combination of power and feel.

YouTek IG Speed 300: The Speed MP 300 is the lighter, yet more powerful MP version which makes your shots faster with less effort. With its weight of 300g, this racquet offers ultimate power and control.

YouTek IG Speed Elite: A Tour Light version providing complete tour performance with greater manoeuvrability. The slightly wider beam gives it even more power.

YouTek IG Speed Lite: This is the lightest racquet in the Speed series. A great tweener providing the perfect combination of power, maneuverability, control and feel. An excellent tour racquet for players with a moderate swing style.

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