They’re back…

The Asics Gel Resolution 4 Exclusive Tennis Warehouse Woman’s Noosa colorway is back!


Guaranteed to make heads turn!

Be the talk of your tennis club and the envy of everyone on the court!

Get your pair now, before they are gone…for good!

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Quick Review: Asics Gel Resolution 4 TW exclusive colorway

They’re back!  And they are selling like hotcakes, but in this case, these are way better and carb free!  Everyone’s favorite tennis shoes are once again available in bright, bold, eye-catching colors exclusively in stock at Tennis Warehouse, and when they are gone, they are gone!

Asics Gel Resolution 4 TW exclusive color

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2012 Gift Guide: Siobhan’s picks

As the time ticks away to find the perfect present, let’s take a look at some of our staff’s picks for the season . We asked them to pick a racquet, string, pair shoes, apparel piece and one “wild card” the

y would like to get as gift this year. Check out the entire Staff Picks. Below, Siobhan explains her choices.

Volkl Organix V1 Midplus

Volkl Organix V1 Midplus

Volkl Organix V1 Midplus

This was one of the first racquets that I playtested at Tennis Warehouse, and it remains a favorite of mine. Maneuverable, yet stable. Powerful, yet spin friendly. Comfortable, yet solid. I really felt like this racquet complemented my game by allowing me to be aggressive and giving me a consistent response every time. I also like that this racquet suits a lot of game styles — if you look at our playtest you can see that everyone liked this racquet, and my mom even bought it. Whether you use polyester, multifilament or a hybrid, the Volkl Organix V1 Midplus is an all-round, enjoyable racquet.

Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17

Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17

Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17

I have great things to say about this string: firm, durable, great spin, low-powered, extremely predictable – the control is great. I really noticed the high levels of spin I got with this, and my opponents did, too. The spin, combined with being able to swing my biggest because its low-powered, allowed me to completely rip the ball. It also has decent playability, so the tension is maintained pretty well over time. If you’re a poly fan, this is definitely one to try.

Nike Women's Holiday Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip Top

Nike Women's Holiday Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip Top

Nike Women’s Holiday Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip Top

I bought this top a couple weeks ago, and I love it. I have actually worn it more for running than I have for tennis, but it’s functional for all types of exercise. It’s made of knit-jersey so it’s perfect to keep you warm when it’s a bit colder outside like now, but it’s fitted so it doesn’t move around and get in the way. The hood is a cute feature, and I like the seam feature that gives it a flattering shape. Comfy and sporty: my favorite combination.

Asics Gel Resolution 4

Asics Gel Resolution 4 in Navy and Purple

Asics Gel Resolution 4 in Navy and Purple

This is one of the first shoes I playtested earlier in the year, and it is my go-to shoe now. It is a high-performance shoe that offers comfort (a wee break-in period but nothing to worry about), stability, support and good durability. It continues to maintain its support and comfort over time, and I have minimal wear for how long I have been wearing them. They also have a six-month durability guarantee so if you’re wearing through them quickly, you can trade them in. I also like the colorway – it’s unlike any other shoe I have worn, and I really love it.

Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated

When it comes to overgrips I’m not too picky as long as they are tacky and maintain the tack over time. This does that and has all the other characteristics too: easy to put on, wicks away any sweat, still works well over time. A quality grip. The best thing about it? I like the bright colors. Adds a bit of attitude :)

Happy holidays!


On the move: From tennis court to gym

On the move

Your tennis gear doesn’t have to be just for the court anymore. You can play some tennis, catch a yoga class or hit the gym, and run errands — all in the same outfit and all in the same day. Why? Just because you want to!

Tonic Fall Statement Tank ($65)
Beautiful design and awesome fabrics — It’s everything a stylish active woman could want. As a side note, all Tonic items are made in Canada.

Tonic Women’s Fall Base Shortie ($44)
So fun beneath your tennis dress or on its own for the latest sporty look. Again, the fabric is so lux that you’ll want to live in these.

Tonic Women’s Basic Baseline Skort ($69)
A black skort is like the little black cocktail dress for your tennis wardrobe. Everyone needs one. And if you’re going to have one, it might as well be one that will stand the test of time.

Tonic Women’s Fall Crosscourt Tight Capri ($74)
Tennis and off-court workouts equal tone legs. Show them off!

Asics Gel Resolution 4 shoes ($119.95)
Asics knows how to do eye-catching and knows how to do it well. This show is more than cute. It is packed with all the top performance features any tennis player would need.

adidas Studio Club Bag Dark Violet ($19.99)
Love, love, love versatile bags. This one can hold a tennis racquet, a yoga mat, anything else you might want for your workout.

adidas Women Spree Hairbands 3-Pack Purple/Lim/Vio ($8.99)
Keep your hair in check, looking sleek and looking modern! This one is slightly wider than the average hairband to help it stay in place and manage any stray hairs.
Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Color me excited!

Come on up, give it a spin! Where will the wheel land?! Nobody knows!

I hope you like color because, boy, is it back in a big way. It doesn’t matter where on the color wheel your preference takes you because you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. 2012 is turning out to be a year not for the wallflower. If you’re a tennis player, it’s time again to be loud and proud with your gear. And don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors. These days, anything goes. Confidence is the only required matching accessory.

Your best accessory is always confidence.

To start things off, we have exclusive colors of the Asics Gel Resolution 4 for men and women that will match anything. It took every crayon in the box to make these! Remember, confidence is key, but that won’t be a problem when you’ve got these strapped to your feet.

Now on to women’s apparel (ladies first!)… Whether vibrant or soft sorbet in hue, orange, turquoise, teal, pink are all on trend this season. Mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Boring is out; color is in. Left to right, Puma Summer Perf Layer Tank, Nike Summer Tie Breaker Tank, Tonic Spring Grand Slam Tank, Athletic DNA Spring Sport Logo Top, Jofit Acapulco Athletic Tank, and adidas Spring barricade Tank

The Puma Women’s Summer Perf Layer Tank and Athletic DNA Sport Logo Top are perfect examples of mixing and matching the season’s colors. These top show us how it’s done by mixing three colors for a summery, bright look for those who like a laidback style.

Nike’s Summer Tie Breaker Tank and the Jofit Acupulco Sport Tank also show off a tri-color design, too, but have more of a match-ready appeal.

Still infused with color but taking on a more solid design, the adidas Spring barricade Tank and Tonic Spring Grand Slam Tank hit the mark as well.

Lime, bright yellow or green, whatever you call it, it's in style. From left, Lacoste Spring Neon Croc T-shirt, Head Spring Performance Polo, adidas Game Set Smash T-Shirt, Wilson Summer 1 Explosive Crew, Athletic DNA Spring Motion Crew, Nike Summer Distraction Hoodie.

Men who have a zest for life or like fashion with a twist are in luck. Lime is the flavor, nay color, of the season. (Did I lay it on too thick with the puns there? Sorry about that!)

For the casual guy, tees are the easy go-to. The Lacoste Neon Croc T-Shirt cools down the lime with a grey base, but adidas goes all out for the lime with the latest color of the Game Set Smash tee.

Performance fabric fans will find plenty of lime, too, as evidenced by the crop of crews and polos in the bright hue. Pictured here are the Head Spring Performance Polo, Wilson Summer 1 Explosive Crew and Athletic DNA Spring Motion Crew.

I suspect that lime’s popularity is not going to fade because Nike’s Distraction Hoodie in grey/lime is going to easily be warm enough for late spring cold fronts and the onset of fall.

Volkl V-Tac Overgrip in Orange

Just want to throw in one last hurrah for color. Have you checked out the new colors of Volkl’s V-Tac Overgrips? The orange is super bright, and the green ain’t too shabby either.

We’ll see you (get it? haha) out at the courts.

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW