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TW Pinterest: A Pintroduction

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Miscellaneous

Allow me to introduce you to Pinterest. Or as I like to call it, get ready to be “Pinaugurated”! Not too long ago TW created their very own pinterest page, and if you have yet to see it I’d recommend you go check it out.

Don’t worry, if you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, I’ll fill you in. It’s essentially a website that allows you to organize all of your bookmarks from other sites. With the help of Pinterest, never again will you forget about a bookmark that got lost somewhere along your bookmark bar. Instead you can categorize your bookmarks (which are called, “pins”) into different folders (which are known as, “boards”). Not to mention Pinterest also integrated a social aspect to their site so you can browse other people’s bookmarks with similar interests. Finding new discoveries of things you love and keeping track of them has never been so easy!


Just in case you need a little bit of convincing before turning into a pinner, I summed up a few reasons why it should be in your best interest to pinterest.

On the move: From tennis court to gym

Posted on September 5, 2012 in Shoes and Apparel

On the move

Your tennis gear doesn’t have to be just for the court anymore. You can play some tennis, catch a yoga class or hit the gym, and run errands — all in the same outfit and all in the same day. Why? Just because you want to!

On the move by tennis-warehouse featuring asics shoes

Tonic Fall Statement Tank ($65)
Beautiful design and awesome fabrics — It’s everything a stylish active woman could want. As a side note, all Tonic items are made in Canada.

Tonic Women’s Fall Base Shortie ($44)
So fun beneath your tennis dress or on its own for the latest sporty look. Again, the fabric is so lux that you’ll want to live in these.

Tonic Women’s Basic Baseline Skort ($69)
A black skort is like the little black cocktail dress for your tennis wardrobe. Everyone needs one. And if you’re going to have one, it might as well be one that will stand the test of time.

Tonic Women’s Fall Crosscourt Tight Capri ($74)
Tennis and off-court workouts equal tone legs. Show them off!

Asics Gel Resolution 4 shoes ($119.95)
Asics knows how to do eye-catching and knows how to do it well. This show is more than cute. It is packed with all the top performance features any tennis player would need.

adidas Studio Club Bag Dark Violet ($19.99)
Love, love, love versatile bags. This one can hold a tennis racquet, a yoga mat, anything else you might want for your workout.

adidas Women Spree Hairbands 3-Pack Purple/Lim/Vio ($8.99)
Keep your hair in check, looking sleek and looking modern! This one is slightly wider than the average hairband to help it stay in place and manage any stray hairs.
Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

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