A Dress For Every Budget

Who doesn’t love a good tennis dress?  They come in all different colors, sizes, shapes, and yes, even prices.  Whether you are looking for a dress that one of your favorite pros is wearing or one that won’t break the bank, Tennis Warehouse has exactly what you are looking for.

Dresses Shown (L to R): Wilson La Divine, KSwiss New Accomplish, DTL Crush Criss, Fila Fall Baseline, Reebok Spring Vibrance Statement

For the frugal shopper, here are a couple dresses that will fit every budget.  All these dresses are  $50 and under and may only be here for a limited time.  With brands such as Wilson, KSwiss, DTL, Fila, and Reebok, you have a plentiful variety to choose from.

Dresses Shown (L to R):: Jerdog Strands Twist, adidas Fall adiZero Feather, Sergio Tachini Shana, Tail Wild Card Exuberance, Bolle Spring Awakening

Between $51-$75, this category features dresses with brands such as Jerdog, adidas, Sergio Tacchini, Tail, and Bolle.  Take a look at all the different styles, colors, and cuts to choose from.

Dresses Shown (L to R): Lacoste Spring StripedNike Fall Set Point, Pure Lime Fall Colorblock, Lacoste Fall Tennis, Nike Fall Smash Hard Court

Style and performance come together with dresses that are from $76 to $100.  Nike, Lacoste, and Pure Lime show off fabulous dresses for every style of player. And with players like Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, and Samantha Stosur wearing these dresses out on court, you might even play like them (we can all dream, but that would be awesome!).

Dresses Shown (L to R):Nike Fall Maria Ace Lawn, Lija Neo Fuse Angle, Eliza Audley Color Guard, Lacoste Fall Pique Polo, Nike Fall Maria Ace Day

For those watching television and seeing pros like Maria Sharapova and want to dress just like them, these dresses are for you.  With designs from Nike and Lacoste as well as brands with fabulous fabrics (see Tiffani’s blog) like Eliza Audley and Lija, these dresses shine on the court. All of these dresses are priced between $101-$125.

I believe one can never have too many tennis dresses. So make sure you load up on them for the fall season!

Ad Out,


What would Carrie wear?

They’d cause quite the stir as doubles teams: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. I wonder what the teams would be? By the way, guys, in case you’re wondering, “What?!!” This is about “Sex and the City.” I don’t know what any of their NTRP ratings are, who’s the better serve and volleyer, who can hit a killer cross court return… But I digress.

What I’m really here to talk about is not which of the women would be the one poaching on every return. This show is known, among other things, for its high style, so much so it inspired an entire group of apparel: the Eliza Audley Tennis and the City Group.

This group offers fashion styles that go far beyond the court. Take the Gold Bomber Jacket. This is not your typical woven warm-up jacket. This is not for the shy. The jacket shines and is sure to turn heads whether at the tennis court or out clubbing. I’ve tried on this jacket and was knocked out by the comfort factor.

Another piece that’s not often seen on the courts is the pair of Zebra Leggings. Leggings, whether full length or capri style, are becoming more of a staple beneath dresses and skorts these days, but the zebra print elevates the legging beyond function. For a bold look, they can be paired with a simple tank top, like the La Moda Top, or tone it down ever so slightly by wearing a dress or skort over the leggings. If going with the latter option, my choice of dress would be Cosmo Dress, which would tie in nicely because it has zebra print accents on the tank straps.

OK, those outfits cover Samantha and Carrie, but how about the Charlottes and Mirandas of the tennis world? The Tennis and the City Group goes beyond elegant with the Empire Dress, which is a nice crossover piece with its share of bling of rhinestones and metallic gold band under the bustline. There’s also the clean yet elegant design lines of the Back In the Satin pieces: the Back In The Satin Tank and Black Tie Skort. Mix those with contrast colors or go for a sleek tonal outfit.

Whatever your personal style, know that Eliza Audley is actually designed by a female tennis player. Eliza Audley is the owner and designer. She worked for St. John Knit, so she knows the biz. According to her site, she competes at the 4.0 and 4.5 level so she keeps us players in mind when she’s creating these fashion forward tennis designs.

So let me know, what would Carrie wear?

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW