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String review: Topspin Cyberflash 1.25mm

Posted on October 8, 2009 in Miscellaneous Strings

Let me start off by saying that after this string test I believe the Topspin Cyberflash string is an excellent polyester string at a great value. It is a co-polyester monofilament, similar to a Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power or Signum Pro Poly-Plasma, which is designed to enhance the already durable polyester string with added playability.

Stringing with Cyberflash was relatively easy compared to other polyester strings. It is slightly softer and stretches slightly more than others, like Luxilon Big Banger for instance. The texture of it reminded me a lot of the Prince Tour string — another co-poly string with great value. I strung the Cyberflash at 56 lbs in my Prince TT Warrior MP, which is normal tension for me to string a full bed of polyester.

The first impression I had of the Topspin Cyberflash was a nice balance between having a crisp and a soft feel. The ball exploded off the string bed with nice velocity, and it was comfortably soft on the arm. There was a little less power than I would have preferred, but the added control from the string made up for it.

On the serve as well as off the ground the Cyberflash provided added control and had nice access to spin. The string bed also had an element of crispness to it due to a nice amount of ball pocketing from the strings. The string held the ball on the string bed for a nice duration of time; not too long where I feel there is a loss of control, but not too little where I could not feel the ball.

At net I felt a lot of control from the Cyberflash, and good feel from the ball pocketing. The string did not lend itself to much pop or power on the volleys, nor did it offer much spin potential when trying to really stick the volley with lots of under spin.

Durability was right on par with most other co-polyester strings. After hitting a couple hours a day with open level players, the string lasted me just under a week, which is about what I would normally get out of most polyesters. Throughout the week, there was great tension maintenance all the way through the life of the string, which is always a concern for polyesters.

When taking all elements into account, I enjoyed playing with the Cyberflash quite a bit. The crispness and control from the string felt really nice, along with the added softness from it being a co-poly. I would have liked a little more power and spin from the string bed, but all in all it had a very nice feel. The durability and tension maintenance was excellent from the string as well. And at $7.49 a set, the Topspin Cyberflash is an excellent string with great value!

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