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You Cannot Be Serious!!

Posted on September 9, 2009 in Miscellaneous

The last two weekends I have participated in our local tennis tournaments to fill my competitive void. The Soto Tennis Tournament, actually sponsored by Tennis Warehouse, and the Santa Maria Comcast 31st Open. The highest level in the Soto tourney was A, in which Chris and I joined to win the mixed division relatively easily. It was more of a fun social experience, rather than a competitive one. The Santa Maria Open has always brought in elite players making it one of the more prestigious tournaments on the Central Coast. Most of the Men’s Open consists of world ranked players, as the Women’s Open attracts former and current highly ranked Division I university players.

I entered Women’s Open Singles along with Mixed Open Doubles with Chris. The results were not pretty. In singles I made it through the Round of 32 relatively easy, but then got owned in the Round of 16 to the second seed, 1-6, 1-6. In Mixed, we got dominated in the first round, 1-8. Both of the losses in singles and doubles were to young players from Cal Poly, our local Division I University. What have I learned from this experience? It’s clearly obvious our 40-minute hitting sessions for 3 days a week (at most) are not up to par with players whose occupation is strictly the game of tennis. I’m still relatively confident in doubles, but in singles there’s much more I have to do to make it past 2nd round.

Now that I’ve wrapped up my recent tournament experiences, I would like to touch base on the topic of conversation during the weekend of watching these elite players. ATTITUDE. One more time? ATTITUDE! Yes, these players are world ranked players, but does that mean you can act like John McEnroe on the court? In my opinion, hold yourself with an honorable attitude on and off the court.

For example, a player conducted himself in an awful manner when he thought his serve was in and a college player called it out. He raged by yelling profanities and insulting the college player, asking him if he’d even seen a serve that fast or if that’s how they do it in college now. Yelling “SHUT UP” to the crowd because of the way the others cheered for the opponent is a poor approach, even if the cheers were at improper times. I didn’t see Haas yell at the SAMURAI who were shirtless and banging a bongo drum when I was in the crowd at the LA Open.

One complaint after another came from another player who insulted the facility by screaming, “Resurface your courts,” while continuing to bicker with the umpire about it. He even asked the lines judge if he was mentally capable of seeing lines. Trust me, the courts are good. Another player left the court to get the tennis ball he hit through the fence out of anger, then while outside the court, he threw his racquet a good 25 feet into the bushes, making his opponent wait to start the next game.

These examples are of the world ranked ATP players who seem to have an Alpha Male syndrome. It’s rare that I see such potty-mouthed insults from Open level women yelling such things at their opponents. Do you believe women hold themselves in a more proper manner, considering it’s known as the game of gentlemen?

Nevertheless, it was a good experience and great weekend for tennis. Let me know your thoughts on how players should carry themselves on the court and if you’ve seen any such acts of un-gentlemanly conduct.

Peace Sign,

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