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Doubles in Costa Mesa

Posted on September 19, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Having lost in the singles I shifted my focus to the doubles tournament. In the round of 16 my partner and I faced two familiar faces. On the other side of the net were two players I played against last week, however they played with different partners. Damon Gooch and Sho Katayama paired up at the last minute with the hope of taking the doubles competition by storm. My partner, Keith and I, weren’t too keen on letting that happen.


Claremont Main Draw

Posted on September 11, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Stretching and rolling out some tired muscles after the doubles.  A little painful!

Stretching and rolling out some tired muscles after the doubles. A little painful!

We played some great doubles yesterday. My partner and I got a reasonable draw and were up against Damon Gooch and Evan Song. We played a really solid first set, broke early and then held serve consistently to take the first set 6-3. The second set we got the early break again, but then got broken back 3 games later. We battled until finally at 4-4 we got another break chance, and we took it. We then served it out for a 6-3 6-4 victory. It was a good day. We both played well and competed hard.

Unfortunately, my singles today against Marcos Giron didn’t go as well. I played a great first set. I should’ve broken him in his very first service game but I couldn’t quite get it done. We both held until I got broken at 4-4. He closed out the set 6-4.

The second set was very disappointing for me. I really lost my intensity. I couldn’t shake the thoughts and the chances from the first set and I got broken in the very first game. From that point on I really struggled. I started going for way too much. I was serving pretty well but then really rushed the second ball. He didn’t miss a ball, I missed a lot, and he closed out the match emphatically, 6-4 6-0.

It was a really disappointing mental display by me. I stopped thinking, got frustrated, and pretty much handed him the second set. But I learnt a lot, and I definitely learnt what not to do when down a set. So life goes on. There will be more opportunities next week.

Thankfully I’m still in the doubles. We’re set to play against the #3 seeds this afternoon at 3:30pm. I’ll update you tomorrow.


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