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Doubles in Costa Mesa

Posted on September 19, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Having lost in the singles I shifted my focus to the doubles tournament. In the round of 16 my partner and I faced two familiar faces. On the other side of the net were two players I played against last week, however they played with different partners. Damon Gooch and Sho Katayama paired up at the last minute with the hope of taking the doubles competition by storm. My partner, Keith and I, weren’t too keen on letting that happen.


Claremont doubles and Costa Mesa singles…on the same day!

Posted on September 16, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

We had one heck of a run to the finals of the doubles in the Claremont Futures. Unfortunately, that run came to an abrupt end on Thursday afternoon against the number one seeds, Carsten Ball and Daniel Garza. Both my partner Fabian and I struggled to find our rhythm, and we never really got into the match. We had a few break chances early and let a couple of deciding points go begging, but for a most part it was a bit of a bad day for us. Our opponents played solid tennis from start to finish. They served well, took control of the net and kept us constantly off balance. We couldn’t find a way to break them down and we had cashed in our whole allotment of comeback cards for the week. We went down 6-3 6-2. All in all it was a great week for us, and it was a really good feeling to get some positive reinforcement and good results.


A comeback and a nail biter

Posted on September 13, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

My doubles partner Fabian Matthews and I have toughed out a couple close matches to reach the finals of the Claremont Futures!

My doubles partner Fabian Matthews and I have toughed out a couple close matches to reach the finals of the Claremont Futures!

It has been quite an exciting couple of days! Wednesday brought in the challenge of the doubles quarter finals. Fabian and I were matched up against the Japanese pair of Sato and Katayama, the number three seeds. We got off to a shaky start, losing our serve in the 3rd game. Midway through the first set absolute chaos erupted and our match became somewhat of a sideshow.

Smoke poured across the sky overhead as, we later found out, a nearby botanical garden went up in flames. What followed was pandemonium. A dozen helicopters circled overhead, ambulances raced passed the courts, and twin engine airplanes dived and soared a few hundred yards above our heads dropping water on the flames just a block away. Apparently the linesmen and umpire were not satisfied enough with the air show, and they wanted to see some tennis too, so we continued. Our opponents capitalized, as we played a little distracted, and before we knew it we were down 6-2.

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