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Arthur Ashe Kids Day @ the US Open

Posted on August 24, 2013 in Tournaments

Today was Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the US Open. The whole place was a zoo! Security was so high at the courts, I felt like I was at the airport.


I started my day off like I usually do on the training table, having a little work done. ¬†After I finished there, I had a great practice with Brian Baker. We grooved up the middle for 15-20 minutes and then played some points. I always love practicing with Bakes because he hits such a clean ball so it’s ¬†usually really easy to get a good rhythm.


After a little lunch, I had a good practice with Colin Altamarino. He’s coming off a great win at the US National Junior Championships at Kalamazoo and he’s a fellow Athletic DNA athlete.


Right now I am stuck in traffic by the midtown tunnel. I can’t think of too many things more frustrating than sitting in traffic. However we just saw a cab driver turn around and try to drive the wrong way on the shoulder of the bridge. Only in New York…


Talk soon!



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