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TW Playtester Chris’ Pick of the Week – Traditional polyester tennis strings

Posted on February 5, 2014 in Strings

Chris prefers the classic, old-school feel of the traditional polyester string

Chris prefers the classic, old-school feel of the traditional polyester string

When it comes to polys, I like ’em old-school!

One of the perks of being an avid tennis player working at TW is getting to test all of the new products. We test many, many strings (some that never make it to market and others we test from prototype through to production), but my love for traditional-feeling poly strings has yet to be diminished.

Modern co-poly strings blend additives to the polyester to ‘improve’ performance. Various additives are used to make the string play softer, hold tension better and provide improved snap back etc. These additives are the ‘co’ part of the co-poly name. However, I prefer to nix the ‘co’ and let my poly fly solo.


Keeping Up With the Playtesters

Posted on September 11, 2013 in Meet the Playtesters

I always get a bit bummed the couple days after a Grand Slam ends. For two weeks straight I had hours on end of awesome tennis to watch (good thing Davis Cup is back in action this weekend), and now football is the only thing I see when I turn on the TV (which, isn’t a bad thing, go Niners, it just isn’t tennis!). Anyway, to recap our US Open picks, my picks were knocked out by the 4th or 5th day of the US Open, while Karly and Jason were the only two playtesters who called the US Open 2013 Champions — and Tiffani was oh, so close with her Gasquet pick! This week, since I don’t have any live tennis to watch today, I decided to bug my fellow playtesters and ask them,

“Who from the WTA or ATP would play doubles with? (We already answered the mixed doubles question, so stay within your gender on this one!)”

Check out their answers! (more…)

Tennis Warehouse FDL Championship Match

Posted on August 2, 2013 in Miscellaneous

The TW Friday Doubles League

The TW Friday Doubles League

The finals of the TW Friday Doubles League pitted the aptly-named Team Air Cooled, who caught fire in the playoffs after some tough losses during the regular season, against Team Johnson and O’Leary, looking to complete the whole season unbeaten. Could Chris and Granville continue their hot streak, or would Andy and Spencer have enough left in the tank for one more hard fought victory?



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