Keeping Up With The Playtesters…

It is playtest season here at Tennis Warehouse! Which means we are furiously playtesting new racquets daily! Which brings about this week’s question for my fellow playtesters,

“If you can’t use your ‘go-to’ racquet of choice, what racquet will you use?”

Here’s how they answered…
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TW’s current Bosworth racquets

A little while ago I did some blogs on the Bosworth collection, (check it out here) and covered some of the racquets we had available at the time. This stuff sells quick and they’re usually not racquets that you’ll see around for sale very often. As I mentioned in that first blog, as a general rule, once something is online and gets sold, that’s the last you’ll ever see of it.

To re-explain: The Bosworth custom racquets come from the late Warren Bosworth, who specialized in customizing racquets to help professionals optimize their performance. He thought that racquets in stock form were limiting — racquets produced for the masses weren’t always what different pros needed, so he decided to provide unique setups to suit each player’s specific requirements. Every player is different and desires a different customization for their racquet, so Bosworth explored that idea by watching, coaching, listening, experimenting and working with different pros to create setups and specs that would help each play his or her best tennis.

As per usual, our inventory has changed and I wanted to let you all know some of the cool and very unique racquets that we currently have available in our vintage racquet collection.


Bosworth Head Director Racquet

Bosworth Head Director

Manufactured in the US in 1982, the Head Director is a unique racquet with an interesting elongated head shape. It features an extruded aluminum frame and provides a wonderful snapshot of the era just before graphite. It provides a comfortable and solid on court.

Specs: Contains original leather grip. Grip size 4. Specs include 100 square inch head size, an unstrung weight of approximately 12.3 ounces, an 18×19 string pattern, standard length, and has a bumper-less grommet system.




Bosworth-ProKennex Comp Destiny Rac

Bosworth-ProKennex Comp Destiny 

If you think this racquet shape looks familiar, then you are right. The Pro Kennex Composite Destiny is the predecessor to the Babolat Pure Drive model with its rounded shaft and aero head. Also features original blue Pro Kennex leather grip still in the plastic and original blue working grommets. Made in Taiwan.

Specs: It features Destiny Performance System (DPS) technology, a 95 square inch headsize, weighs in at 12.5 ounces strung, a 16 x 19 string pattern, and is standard length.

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TW Bosworth Collection: Bosworth Wimbledon Boron Pro

Last up, we have a beast of a racquet:

Bosworth Wimbledon Boron Pro

This racquet is extremely solid with old-school weight. It was made in the 1980s and is made of a combination of boron and graphite.

Jonathan weighed in on this racquet saying, “The Wimby BP is heavy, heavy. So it is ideal for advanced players who can handle a lot of weight. Put another way, if you are strong enough to get the Wimby moving, it will produce a very heavy ball. If you are not strong enough to get it moving, you might find things a bit tougher.”

It has an open string pattern that provides great and easy access to spin, and like Jonathan said, in the right hands, this one hits an extremely heavy ball. Something else this racquet offers? Maximum stability. It has two stabilizer bars in the throat that help with this stabilization.

Bosworth Wimbledon Boron Pro

Bosworth Wimbledon Boron Pro

Genuine is genuine, as this racquet comes with the original leather grip in a size 5. There are only nine of these babies available, so if you’re looking to purchase you’ll have to shorten your decision making time!

Specs for this racquet include a length of 27 inches, an unstrung weight of 11.6 ounces and a pattern of 16×19. Something else to keep in mind is that these racquets have been in storage for a while (about 20-30 years) so they may have some slight blemishes (as would you if you’d been kept in a box in the dark all these years!).

Get in there and have yourself some old school fun.


TW Bosworth Collection: Fox Target 210 S.M.

As part of the Bosworth Blog Series by yours truly, let me introduce you to one of three racquets I am going to showcase:

The Fox Target 210 S.M.

One of the many racquets that we have in our TW Bosworth collection, the Fox Target 210 is pretty cool looking. Designed by Warren Bosworth in the 1990s, this wonderfully pink racquet features a widebody design for increased power and a throat grommet dampening system for enhanced comfort.

One of the interesting things about it is the distinctive decagonal headshape, which was designed to offer an increased sweetspot. I’m loving the style of this racquet as well as the paint job — the classic 1990s cosmetics in metallic black and pink give this racquet a great period look.

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquets

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquets

We measured the specs so you’re able to get a feel for it: the strung stats for this racquet include a weight of 12 ounces, a length of 26.75 inches, a swingweight of 340 (RDC), 3 points head light balance, and and a stiffness of 74 RA. Also, the grip size is 5. All of the racquets we have for sale are unused, but because the racquets were in storage for so long, the grip has disintegrated and will need to be replaced.

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquet cover

Bosworth Fox Target 210 S.M. Racquet cover

The added bonus of this racquet? It comes with a cover, so it completely looks the part, and is ready to string up with your favorite string. Get it out on court and enjoy a little piece of tennis history!


TW Bosworth Collection: Chapter 1

The view is beautiful. From where I sit, I can see some of the Bosworth racquets that have been brought out of storage. They’re sitting in our office and right now they’re halfway through their journey before they get put online, ready to be sold off to lucky new owners.

Bosworth racquets straight from storage!

Bosworth racquets straight from storage!

For those of you who don’t know, let me explain. The Bosworth custom racquets come from the late Warren Bosworth, who specialized in customizing racquets to help professionals optimize their performance. He thought that racquets in stock form were limiting — racquets produced for the masses weren’t always what different pros needed, so he decided to provide unique setups to suit each player’s specific requirements. Every player is different, and Bosworth explored that idea by watching, coaching, listening, experimenting and working with different pros to create setups and specs that would help each play his or her best tennis.

Some of the Bosworth racquets

Bosworth Racquets

Our vintage racquet collection is, to say the least, impressive. If you venture to dusty, extremely dusty, depths of the warehouse you’ll find, hidden away in boxes, our Bosworth collection. Wood and graphite racquets from the past — designed for pros such as Aaron Krickstein, Monica Seles, Brian Gottfried and Jimmy Connors, to name a few. Brands available include Head, Spalding, Slazenger, Snauwaert, Fox, Yonex, Estusa, Fin, ProKennex and Wilson.

BUT, it’s never quite as simple as getting the racquets and putting them online. It’s a process. You’d think it was a construction site. Chris and Brittany took on the job of retrieving the racquets from their dusty locale, and trust me, they looked the part. It’s like a dust monster lives up there (where the heck does dust come from anyway?!) and they had to pull out the heavy duty dust masks so their lungs didn’t fill up with particles. Next on the list is cleaning. Dust masks? Check. Cleaning supplies? Check. Sweat and heavy muscle work? Check. (Last time Britt and I cleaned, I nearly had an asthma attack; the things we go through to get these out to you guys!!!). Let’s just say, after 20-30 years of being hidden away some of these bad boys need a good polish to bring out their inner beauty. And trust me, they are beautiful. They then get researched, sometimes unstrung specs are added, they are imaged, strung if requested, then sent off to you guys!

Brittany and I cleaning the racquets

Brittany and I cleaning away.

These are one-of-a-kind racquets; exclusive is definitely an applicable term. Tennis Warehouse is the only place that sells these; you can’t get them anywhere else. Sometimes we have several of one racquet, other times we have one or two. What we have in our collection is it, and once a racquet is sold, it’s gone. But we don’t like to keep the racquets hidden from the world so every so often, they get to see the light of day, and these beauties are to be enjoyed once again.

Selection of Bosworth racquets

Selection of Bosworth racquets

I talked to Jonathan Wolfe, our resident string expert and current Bosworth researcher about why he thinks the Bosworth Collection is so cool. He explained that he believes there are certain things about the past that don’t age.

“It’s proof that that there are parts of the racquet manufacturing industry, and certain things about history that simply dont get old. In some ways, when you play with the older racquets you realize that while we went from wood to graphite [and] when you’re able to play with some of the older frames, there are some things about the feel of wood [and] about the 100 percent graphite frames, that are [..] to some extent, becoming rarer and rarer. I think that these are irreplaceable.”

Jonathan Wolfe and Brittany doing important racquet things

Jonathan and Brittany discussing the racquets

“You [can see some] of stuff that the pros used, but also some of these have never been played. You wouldn’t be able to find an un-played Dunlop Volley II [..] unless it was in a collection somewhere. These are un-played versions of racquets that [may not] exist anywhere.”

“It’s a snapshot of the history of tennis and the technologies that existed 20-30 years ago. You can also find a way to put your own particular racquet you’re playing with now in perspective, comparing it to some of the earlier generations.”

Keep an eye out in the next little while — I’ll  be writing about some of the specific racquets that are in the collection that will be for sale, and don’t forget to regularly check the Bosworth racquets online HERE. Trust me when I tell you that word of these spreads like wildfire and they don’t stay online for sale very long. Don’t miss out on that perfect exclusive racquet. Enjoy!




What’s new: Apparel to string (and everything in between)

Fila Men's Summer Center Court Print Crew

Fila Women's Summer Baseline Sleeveless Tank

Wow! It was a holiday weekend, but that didn’t slow the influx of new gear. So without hesitation, let’s dive in and take a quick look at just some of the new items this week.

Fila’s summer fashions are here for men and women. The men’s Summer Center Court Group is a mix of blue, grey and white. The designs are clean, classic Fila. For the women, Fila went with floral for the Summer Baseline Group. The pieces are ultra feminine and classy.

We’ve just introduced Tasc to our apparel selection for both men and women. The fabric is fabulous. It’s an organic cotton-bamboo blend that offers moisture management and sun protection. It also washes well, holding its color and it doesn’t pill. Super comfortable, you’ll not want to take this stuff off. Wash and wear! Check out the casual silhouettes.


LoveAll Women's Love Hurts Tee

Another new line we’re carrying is LoveAll, which makes cute graphic tees for women. These burnout tees are cute with clever tennis graphics on them. The cut and style of these makes them a versatile option that women will feel comfortable wearing on or off the court. All the tees are made in the USA.

If you play tennis outside frequently, the LiveStrong SPF 50+ Sunscreen is something to consider. We often think of sunscreen for the summer, but sun protection is something we should think about year-round. The LiveStrong sunscreen is mineral-based and is free of chemical UV absorbers, PABA, parabens and BPA. Cost: $15.99 for 3 oz.

This next item is ideal for the player who wants to protect their headguard and frame from court scrapes. Peel and stick this to the outside of your frame to help prolong the paint and grommet strips. The Head Protection Tape is not precut and is 1.25 inches wide. For $3.95, you’ll get 16 feet of black head tape.

The French Open is in full swing, and Babolat has a special edition of its popular multifilament XCel string to celebrate. Babolat is offering XCel, an arm-friendly string choice, in black. We just added the 16 gauge reel to the site. With 660 feet of string in the reel, this is perfect for frequent string breakers, and for those who like hybrid string setups. Cost: $259.95. Don’t miss the rest of Babolat’s French Open gear and check out the Roland Garros shop.


Bosworth Wilson Sting Mid II Racquet (5/8)

When we put up new items on the Bosworth page, they tend to go fast. Found on the Vintage Racquet page, Bosworth racquets are always in limited supply. They are classic racquets, often designed for use by pro players, and are no longer in production. New and very limited in stock (only one!) is the Bosworth Wilson Sting Mid II Racquet, available only in the 4 5/8 grip size. This is a graphite racquet that fans of the Pro Staff 85 would find appealing.

Wilson Capri Tote Bag w/Cosmetic Case ($85)

Wilson’s just released a few of new bag collections, Capri, Verona and Sevilla, with a feminine touch. All three bag lines have three silhouettes: Backpack, Sling and Tote. The Sevilla bags are a classy quilted fabric, and the Verona bags are on trend with a metallic leather look. The Capri goes for classic, reminding me of Tiffany blue. The backpack is designed specially for tennis so it easily carries two racquets without their covers. The sling bag looks like a 3-pack but has drop shoulder straps more like a purse. The tote is always a versatile choice that you can use to carry racquets or use as a stylish carry-all. Each of these bags comes with a matching cosmetic case. Bonus!


Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW