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TW Bosworth Collection: Snauwaert Aluminum

Posted on June 7, 2012 in Miscellaneous Racquets

Next to be highlighted, due to its Bosworth roots and brilliant historical roots, is the:

Snauwaert Aluminum 

This racquet is a sharp looking racquet — it has a golden copper-bronze finish whose beauty needs to be seen to be believed. It is also unique in shape. The head is midsize, but it also has the Bosworth Angle Arc, which makes it very distinctive. Want to know if it’s lasted the years? Correct! The racquet bridge of this racquet is made of a very strong, very durable material known as Zytel ST (Super Tough) 801, so it is exactly as durable and in the same tough condition as the day it was made.

Bosworth Snauwaert Aluminum Racquet

Bosworth Snauwaert Aluminum Racquet

Leather grip fanatic? Look no further. The Snauwaert has a first quality leather grip and suits the racquet style down to the tee. Very classic and classy. Something to note is that each racquet has its individual specs (grip size, swingweight, weight) engraved onto the side of the beam, which is a really cool feature. And just to keep things close to the heart, this racquet was manufactured in the U.S.!

Jonathan Wolfe (see references to this fellow in earlier Bosworth Collection posts!) had a little input of the aluminum-enthusiastic type. “Make sure to note that this racquet represents an irreducible and immeasurable and fantastic and earth-shattering and life-saving snapshot of tennis history – that being, the short late ’70s early ’80s  transition period between wood and graphite, a time when the world’s most pedestrian metal was king.”

Take that!


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