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Spring Into the Season With Whak Sak!

Posted on February 2, 2011 in Miscellaneous

The Central Coast of California is popularly known for its amazing weather, and yes, Oprah’s claim of being the “Happiest city in America.” Spring is almost upon us, and I couldn’t help but pay tribute to the fresh look of the Whak Sak bags! These bags brighten up the tennis court with their brilliant colors and spunky designs!

Whak Saks are split into three categories: Tote Bags, Back Packs, and Sling Bags.

Tote bags are designed to carry more than just your tennis gear. The cut of the bag could fashionably be used as a purse or to carry around your books and laptop. As it hangs over your shoulder, it allows you easy access to the pockets.

What’s intricate about the Back Packs and Slings is the double-zipper straps which allow you to carry it on one shoulder or evenly distribute the load to both shoulders. The racquet compartment is located towards the front, where there are two accessory pockets to carry your smaller goodies. These bags can easily be kept out of dirt’s way by the fence hook located at the top.

The Whak Sak bags are excellent for the daily tennis trip, club match, or just having a fabulous look to your ensemble! Don’t be the last to have one of these as they’ve become a staple bag in the tennis community.

Peace Sign,

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