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Wimbledon Whites

Posted on June 28, 2012 in Miscellaneous Shoes and Apparel

Wimbledon is underway and for someone who is normally so untraditional, I save the little bit of tradition that I do have for Christmas and this tournament. The customs. The rules. The history. The British commentators’ accents. It’s about the colors: the depth of the green and the crispness of the white.

Ana Ivanovic at Wimbledon

Ana Ivanovic at Wimbledon

I played on grass courts a little bit when I was growing up (horribly kept and uneven, but grass regardless) and there is just something about playing on grass. It’s a whole mind set. The surface is different; it’s softer, more forgiving, and it commands respect. That’s why at Wimbledon I like the white clothing rule. It’s historical and claims prestige, so I put together some white ladies outfits that, regardless of the surface they are played on with, give you a clean, fresh, stylish, yet traditional look.

Nike is always one to offer something that fits into the grass season, and this year they do it well with the Nike Women’s Maria Slam Statement Dress, hitting all the marks for style and performance. Pair that with the Nike Women’s New Basic Feather Light Visor II to keep the sun off your face and your hair out of your eyes. On your feet put the Nike Zoom Courtlite 3 shoes (also available in other fun colors) for some lightweight stability as you race around court.

Nike Whites

Nike Whites - the Nike Women's New Basic Feather Light Visor II, the Nike Women's Maria Slam Statement Dress, and the the Nike Zoom Courtlite 3

adidas always steps right up with cute gear and they haven’t missed the bar this time. They have matched the white with some bright shades to add a little bit of glam and energy to the outfits, which I love. On top wear their adidas Women’s Lawn adizero Top that also comes in a tank version, and pair that with adidas Women’s Lawn adizero Skort for a matched and flowing fit. We don’t want your feet to miss out on all the fun, so check out the adidas adizero Tempaia II (it comes in two colors) and enjoy their women’s specific Micro-Fit.

adidas whites

adidas whites - the adidas Women's Lawn adizero Top, the adidas Women's Lawn adizero Skort, and the adidas adizero Tempaia II

Lacoste is such a classy brand that I associate with grass courts that I thought their whites deserved a mention. The Lacoste Women’s Spring Jersey Tank, looks so cute paired with the Lacoste Women’s Spring Pleated Tennis Skirt (look out for these in different colors too). The pleats are so old-school that I just love this whole look, and it’s really girly which is a nice mix-up from the more athletic-looking clothes that a lot of girls are rocking these days.

Lacoste White

Lacoste White - the Lacoste Women's Spring Jersey Tank and the Lacoste Women's Spring Pleated Tennis Skirt

I hope you’re following Wimbledon, and getting out on court and enjoying some tennis too. Rock the all white as a salute to the All England Club and it’s array of amazing players.




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