Racquet demo: Yonex RDiS 300

The Yonex RDS 003

The Yonex RDS 003

It’s time to check the mile marker on my tennis racquet journey. When I last paused to ponder, I was considering a switch from my Yonex RDS 003 to either the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour or the ProKennex Black Ace 98. I’ve since put down the Black Ace. I still love it for baseline games, but for match play, it’s a bit much for me to wield for two or three sets.

The Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour is still getting a lot of play, though. I haven’t officially made a switch, but I love it and have been hitting with it most days. As a request from Talk Tennis, I took the Yonex RDiS 300 out for a spin. It’s remarkably similar to the RDS 003 in specs with the most noticeable change being length. The RDiS 300 is a standard length racquet, and the RDS 003 is 27.25 inches long.

I have to admit even though the racquets spec out so similarly, it took me a while to dial in the RDiS 300, and it didn’t have to do with the change in length. For me, the adjustment came down to feel. Otherwise, the characteristics were the same. I got great pop, outstanding maneuverability, and easy access to spin, etc., but when it came to feel, I was bewildered. Strung at two pounds above mid with a synthetic gut, the RDiS 300 felt much crisper than my RDS 003, which I string at 60 pounds for softer co-polys and 64 for multis or synthetic guts. I know the higher tension I use on the RDS 003 and the stiffness rating comparison tell another story (62 RA for the RDiS 300 vs 65 RA), but I enjoyed what I sensed as the slightly plusher feel of the RDS 003.

I decided to cut out the strings in the RDiS 300. This time I strung the synthetic gut at one pound below mid, which I felt was a total departure for me. I was stringing my RDS 003s at 64 pounds for some added control. With this new string setup, I enjoyed the feel of the RDiS 300 much more. There were some issues with control as expected, and I couldn’t just swing away with abandon. (What, am I expected to think on the court? Just kidding.) After finding the feel I was looking for, though, I was comfortable and the RDiS 300 felt like an old friend on the court. I don’t think I’ll be making the switch because I’m still very comfortable with the RDS 003, and, to be vain, I just like the cosmetic of the RDS 003 better. Perhaps when the 003s are out of stock, I’ll give the RDiS 300 another look. Until then, it’s still the RDS 003.

Happy Hitting!


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4 thoughts on “Racquet demo: Yonex RDiS 300

  1. Nice review Tiff!
    I also use the RDS 003 and I was wondering how much of a difference the RDiS 300 is to the RDS 003. Guess it’s not such a big transition so I’ll stick with my RDS 003′s.

  2. Tiffani, I actually demoed the RDS 003 last year after I read that you had switched to it…liked it a lot, but not more than the kTour. If you’re still looking around, I seem to have this blacked out green/yellow racquet available!!! ;)

    Thanks for the review…I still look at both Yonex and Prince racquets and wonder sometimes!


  3. Not sure what happened to my original response. I guess it was accidentally deleted. Mark, I try a variety of strings at work, so even though I prefer multis, I often hit poly. For co-polys I enjoy hitting with MSV Co-Focus, TCS Polyfibre TCS, Unique Big Hitter Blue and Topspin Cyber Flash.

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