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Is it a Fling, or is it Love?

Posted on October 9, 2009 in Racquets

I was inspired to write this blog by the Talk Tennis thread “Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour.”

Since college, I’ve been honeymooning and breaking up with a plethora of racquets, but have had the strongest relationship with the Yonex RQ iS 1 Tour Light to date.

My timeline of racquets:

Racquet / Weight (strung) / Balance / TW Stiffness Rating / Time Used

Wilson Classic 6.1 / 12.8 oz / 11 pts HL / 72 / HS-College

Wilson KBlade Tour / 11.9 oz / 8 pts HL / 65 / Jan-Feb ’09

Head YOUTEK Speed 16×19 / 11.8 oz / 7.8 pts HL / 63 / April-May ’09

Volkl Power Bridge 10 Light / 11 oz / 5 pts HL / 62 / June-July ’09

Head YOUTEK Speed 18×20 / 11.8 oz / 7 pts HL / 65 / Aug-Sept ’09

Yonex RQ iS 1 Tour Light / 11 oz / 6 pts HL / 61 / Sept-current

After a month of heavy hitting in August, it took a toll on my right shoulder. Every time I hit, it felt what I could only describe as someone jabbing an ice pick into my front shoulder tendon and a ripping of muscles from my scapula. Icing and China Gel would only numb this agony for less than an hour, but I realized this was the worst my shoulder had felt since college.

Tennis hadn’t been fun with the pain, so I decided to recharge my mind and body. I took a full week off and finally started to recover. I started to lightly hit twice a week, but could still feel some pain. I began to test other racquets to see if I could find a light enough racquet that still felt like a player’s stick with just enough stiffness to have the control that I liked.

Standing in our racquet room, I scanned the brands trying to determine what I should hit with that day. My fellow co-worker stepped in saying that the Yonex RQ iS Tour Light felt forgiving when he hit it, so I tried it out. From the first hit I fell hard for this racquet. My groundstrokes were consistently deep with more topspin than I usually produced, the thwack of my shots sounded amazing, and my angle forehand seemed untouchable! After the love at first hit, I strung it up with an extremely soft-multi I was testing at 57 lbs and knew in that session that this could be it. This might be a racquet that I could see myself having a future with. My shoulder pain has dwindled, not all the way, but to a point where I’m comfortable, and my confidence has boosted back up again.

As in every relationship, racquet or life, one must compliment the other and bring a positive energy. So far, the positive energy along with the compliments I have been receiving about my game has been because of this racquet. Of course, I have gone through my doubts that this could only be a fling, but so far it’s a fling I’ve been looking forward to every time I play.

Peace Sign,


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