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Sneak Peek: Classic Prince tennis racquets are back!

Posted on September 20, 2013 in Racquets

From the company that has launched some of the most famous graphite racquets in tennis history comes four classics.

Patrick Rafter using the Prince Precision Response, which is now being re-visited in Prince's new Classic line of racquets!

Patrick Rafter using the Prince Precision Response, which is now being re-visited in Prince’s new Classic line of racquets!

Remember that original Precision Response?? Patrick Rafter’s weapon of choice as he crashed the net like a maniac in the late 90s? Gunmetal red with the Double Bridge vibration dampening system that was the precursor to the Triple Threat Warrior. Yea, that one…it’s back, and better than ever!

Featuring the same specs as the original (97 sq. in. headsize, 11.9 oz strung, 6 pts HL, 70 RA, and a swingweight of 322), taking it to the courts is a trip back in time to the good ol’ days, when racquets were heavy, super head light and weren’t bogged down by fancy technology. It’s rock solid, stable, and offers incredible precision and feel, and now with a new paintjob for the new millennium!

prince Response photo

The Original Graphite line has been re-visited too, and like the Response, the original specs and feel have been left untouched. Now, I know you might be asking, “Haven’t these been available at Tennis Warehouse all along?” Well, Prince is bringing back two versions that we haven’t seen in a while, along with giving the Classic 107 Oversize a fresh, new look.

pogThe Original Graphite 100 in a standard length is available for the first time in the US, and old-school, pure ball-striking baseliners should be lining up and breaking down the doors for it. The Cross-Bar Stabilizer provides the aggressive baseliner with (you guessed it) so much stability and plowthrough that you could (probably) knock over a grizzly bear if you wanted to. Also, the 100 Longbody is back, all 28 inches of it! With leverage like that, you’ll feel like you’re serving out of a lookout tower and running down balls like Michael Chang. To round out the line, the 107 Oversize is getting a new look as well. The specs for the Graphites are as follows…

Classic Graphite 10027″ length, 11.8 oz strung, 6 pts HL, 63 RA, 321 SW
Classic Graphite 100 LongBody28″ length, 11.6 oz strung, 8 pts HL, 62 RA, 338 SW
Classic Graphite 10727″ length, 12.3 oz strung, 7 pts HL, 65 RA, 330 SW

For all you tennis enthusiasts out there that have been in the game for a while, I know you’ll appreciate this blast from the past from Prince. Get your hands on one of these to demo (coming mid-October), and we can only hope there are going to be more of these classic racquets coming down the pipeline from one of the original innovators of modern tennis.

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