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An inside look at Wilson’s new Spin racquets and Spin Effect technology

Posted on February 12, 2013 in Racquets

The newest spin monster from Wilson, the Steam 99 S

The newest spin monster from Wilson, the Steam 99 S

If you thought sliced bread was big, you have to check out Wilson’s newest racquet technology that is changing the game of tennis. Earlier this year, Wilson unveiled its new Spin Effect technology in its Steam line of racquets. With an extremely open 16×15 string pattern, the new Steam S racquets can produce upwards of 200 to 300 more RPMs on each one of your shots.

Every time you make contact with the ball during one of your shots, the racquet’s strings slide on each other and snap back into place. When this happens, it creates the topspin or slice on your shot. With Spin Effect technology, there are fewer cross strings than main strings in the stringbed of a racquet as opposed to the traditional string patterns (like 16×18 or 18×20) where the opposite is true and there are more cross strings than mains. With the 16×15 string pattern, the stringbed of the racquet is more open, creating more space for the strings to slide on each other. With more room for the strings to slide, you can produce significantly more spin compared with racquets with traditional string patterns.

Our own Chris Edwards had the chance to go to the Wilson headquarters in Chicago and check out the Research and Development department that came up with the Spin Effect idea. He also got to discuss the new technology with up-and-coming ATP pro Kei Nishikori, who uses the Wilson Steam racquets (however, not the new Spin ones). Wilson used extensive testing with a revolutionary Doppler radar system to come up with the optimal string pattern for maximizing spin while at the same time maintaining control in its racquets. Make sure to check out the video of Chris’ trip to Wilson for a great inside look at this extraordinary technology!

STM99S-1We had been hearing about these new Spin Effect racquets for a while, so our TW playtest of them was eagerly anticipated. As soon as we took the new Steam 99 S and 105 S to the courts, we realized that Wilson’s new technology was real, not some silly gimmick! Our shots would start off at a higher trajectory than usual, but then dive down at the court with loads of topspin. Slices were biting the court and staying super low. Kick serves nearly took the roof off our TW indoor court (well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration). Point is, this was a new development in racquet technology that we found to dramatically affect each and every shot that we hit. This was big!

In the aftermath of our playtest, two of our playtesters (Jason and Spencer) officially switched to the Steam 99 S, loving the incredible amount of spin they could produce with their groundstrokes. Check out our written review and video review of the Steam 99 S for the rest of our playtester’s thoughts on the new racquets.

The new Spin Effect racquets from Wilson are game-changers, and offer a hitting experience unlike anything we have ever tried. We highly recommend you ordering a demo of the 99 S or 105 S and give one a try just to see what it’s like!

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