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5 racquets that play like the Babolat Pure Drive

Posted on May 8, 2014 in Racquets

It’s no secret around here that if I’m jumping on the court for a hit, the Babolat Pure Drive is right there with me. It has been my racquet of choice for more than 10 years and is a popular frame among all levels of players from the pros to top college players, to intermediates and club players. While I don’t think I can ever sub out another racquet for my tried and true Pure Drives, I thought I would dive into some interchangable options for your guys to check out and possibly demo.

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Wilson Juice 100rs.php

If power is what you are looking for, you will find it in this 100 square inch, maneuverable racquet. I find this one to have a very similar feel to the Pure Drive; side by side it may even be hard to distinguish the differences aside from the “Wilson feel” and “Babolat feel.” Aggressive baseliners will be rewarded when drilling from the baseline with this racquet. Power also translates when it comes to hitting big serves and returns. Access to spin is easy as well with the fast frame and stability won’t be an issue when putting balls away at the net.

rs-1.phpOne Strings Turbine 300

So maybe you haven’t heard of this brand from Italy yet, or maybe you have, but you aren’t sure what to expect. Well, I can tell you they make some great racquets if you are interested in power (the Turbine series) or spin (the Spin Deeper series). And if you are looking for something like a Pure Drive in a slightly more comfortable setup, without the bells and whistles, this racquet is for you. Packed with controllable power and maneuverability, this racquet can suit several levels of players. Fast, precise and spin friendly — hitting with this racquet adds confidence to big ball strikers and players looking to control points with their groundstrokes.

rs-2.phpPrince Warrior 100

Speed and spin in a comfortable package is what this racquet has to offer. Players familiar with Prince’s EXO3 technology will enjoy that traditional forgiveness from the racquet as the large port grommets add a dampened feel. Players will find┬áthis racquet easy to swing big with from the baseline, while aiding in creating an offensive game from all over the court. The 16×18 string pattern will reward spin warriors with bite as they blast balls deep into the court. If effortless power is something you crave, go ahead and give this Warrior a demo!

rs-3.phpYonex EZONE Ai 100

The sweetspot won’t be hard to find on this one, and power is always in your back pocket when hitting with this frame from Yonex. With crisp precision and enough access to spin and speed, players who like to dictate from the baseline will find success with this racquet. Maneuverable enough to be effective off returns, this frame is handy to have when closing points off at the net as well. With enough mass to drive balls through the court for winners, this racquet is also a weapon in the hands of counter-punchers as it will aid in consistency while providing enough pop to step up on short balls.

Volkl Organix 8 Suger G 300rs-4.php

This versatile racquet combines precision with power and spin to offer players with full swings access to tons of depth from the baseline. Quick and maneuverable, this racquet is loaded with feel, and this is a comfortable option for players looking for a powerful response. This has quickly become a favorite among the playtesters as it suits many playing types from aggressive attackers, counterpunchers and serve and volleyers. With that classic Volkl feel, we have found this racquet to be a winning weapon for both singles and doubles matches.


While I still love the Pure Drive and continue to enjoy this frame, if you are looking for something similar to what the Pure Drive has to offer but maybe are looking for more comfort, more access to spin, a more flexible frame or maybe just a different paint job — go ahead and give these racquets a demo to see what fits your game best! And for you Pure Drive lovers like me, be sure to check out the newest cosmetic in the Pure Drive Wimbledon racquet!

Play with heart (and a powerful racquet!),



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