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Won the Bronze Ball!

Posted on June 10, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Today was the last day of the tournament. It has been a great week with near perfect weather most days. I really enjoyed my time with my host as well.

tonlars2Yesterday’s doubles semifinal could definitely have been better. Nothing was going our way and were weren’t converting on many break and game point opportunities. But the other team played great. We ended up losing but were excited to compete for 3rd/4th and the potential to win a gold ball.

Today I went to church in the morning with my host (in tennis clothes since that’s all I had!) and was ready to finish the tournament with a win! After church, we hit the tournament site and I was excited to get on the court and finish the tournament strong. We jumped on the court and were both playing pretty well. The first set was tight and headed into a tie break. We eeked it out 7-5, and used the momentum to build an early lead to 4-0 in the second set. At 5-2 we lost my serve, but then broke back to win 6-3! If I didn’t mention it before, my partner was really nice and has a humongous serve, probably the most power I’ve ever seen! Two great things to always have with a doubles partner — we had fun and will most definitely team up again.

I’m still disappointed in myself for what happened with my singles — with the injury and how I played toward the end. I really had a shot to win the whole tournament if I played well. It was a great event and I will try to come again next year!

Now its on to the US Open sectional tournament with some tough competition, so I’ll be ready for that with a little rest and practice over the next 2 weeks.



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