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Who’s Going to Win the ATP World Tour Finals?

Posted on November 6, 2014 in Pro Tennis Talk

The top 8 (well, technically 9 with Rafa out) are getting ready to battle in London at the ATP Barclays World Tour Finals. The groups have been made. The match-ups have been drawn. And we are just a couple days out. So I asked my fellow playtesters for their fearless predictions on who will take the World Tour Finals next week and here’s what they had to say…
Group A
Chris — “Fed for the win! He’s due for a big win.”


Michelle — “It’s all about Milos! He may not have won me the racquet bracket this year at the US Open, but Milos is ready to go for the WTF! He is coming into London with a fresh hair cut for sure and a great showing in Paris having lost in the finals to Novak after beating Federer and Berdych. The big serving 23 year old is going to finish the year off strong and start 2015 off with confidence! If you can’t tell, I usually make my picks with my heart…not always my head!”


Andy — “In a test of consistency and a battle of the fittest, I’ll take the King Federer Express for the win! He’s been remarkably solid all year and I think will have no problem getting through the group play. His biggest test will be Novak Djokovic in the final, whom he’s 3-2 against in 2014. Novak’s two wins…6-4 in the fifth in the finals and Wimbledon and 7-6 in the third in the finals of Indian Wells. Roger’s wins over Novak have been far more convincing this year, and he’s ready to cap this 2014 campaign off with his 7th ATP World Tour Final title!”


Karly — “My pick is Federer. Yes, the reasonings behind my pick are mostly biased and based on the fact that I am a Fed Fan, but as the Australian Open and US Open showed us this year, the No.1 seed doesn’t always win the tournament. I’m hoping this is the case for this tournament too!”


Group B
Spencer — “As much as I will be rooting for Fed, I’ll have to put my money on Novak. Now that Stefan has arrived and he’s adjusted to that, his tennis is back on the forefront and he’s playing well. Too good, I’m afraid. Thus, he is the man that will take the trophy. That said…Go FED!!!!!!!”


Brittany — “As much as I would love to pick an underdog (who doesn’t love an underdog!), I’m going to go with Djokovic. I feel like he is peaking at the right time and will have an easier time getting through his group. The other group will have to battle it in the round robin and won’t have the energy to defeat Novak in the semis and finals.”


Tiffani — “I pick Nishikori because everyone seems to be predicting Federer and Novak. He’s at his career-high ranking, and it is his first time at the World Tour Finals.”

Jason — “Wrong, you guys are all wrong. Have you all forgotten about Andy Murray?! Well, so have I. He’s not my pick. I’m going to go with The Beast from the East, The Man from Japan, Rewriting History Nishikori!”


Troy — “For my pick I am going out on a whim, being there is no money on the line, with Andy Murray! I think he is hungry to get back into the Big Four. A lot of people give this guy a hard time, but I think he can still mix it up with the best of them, if his mind is in the right state. He seems hungry for a victory.  Go Andy!…. Murray that is, Gerst you’re cool too!”


Mark — “Unless Djokovic has some sort of glitch in his routine, he will win it. In my opinion, I feel that Djokovic has taken all aspects of the game, to another level — he has come so far (and has become very professional) (remember him in the US Open match night against Roddick?). I also remember what it was like to have a new born, which I feel gives him an advantage — a different kind of confidence/purpose, that will come down a couple of notches in time.”


Let us know who you think will win!
Play with heart,


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