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Retro Tennis News Wednesday

Posted on March 5, 2014 in Pro Tennis Talk

Maybe it’s because my next birthday is inching up…or that lately some of the things I see and hear make me feel old (I’m pretty sure I still don’t know exactly what twerking is?!). But I feel like the world is all sorts of retro lately, even hitting the tennis world…and I like it!

Even watching the Oscars last weekend, actors I grew up watching were on stage winning awards (shout out to Jordan Catalano for any “My So Called Life” fans — who knew we would see Jared Leto up there winning an Academy Award?!). So seeing some of my favorite tennis players make their way back on to the scene (in one way or another), makes me excited for the future of tennis!

James Blake will be at the BNP Paribas coaching young American Jack Sock. I’m all for this! We at TW were very excited when the news broke. Keeping Blake around the sport most definitely is a step in the right direction for US tennis, in my opinion!

And a shout out to the other veteran ATP players who also are coaching (for a more in depth look, be sure to read about the most recent player/coach relationships HERE). Becker. Edberg. Llendl. Ivanisevic. Ljubicic. Chang. Santoro.

Martina Hingis. Since “retirement” she’s coached, she’s started her own line of clothing, she’s kept busy…but clearly she is feeling a bit antsy and she refuses to miss out on the competition of the WTA. Hingis will be partnering with Sabine Lisicki┬áthis week in the California Desert to take on the doubles draw at the BNP Paribas Open.

Veteran Li Na, who just celebrated her 32nd birthday will be holding on tight to the first seed at the BNP Paribas.

And Lindsay Davenport. I have my own unique love for Lindsay, as we grew up in the same area, went to the same school, played under the same coaches, and being a tall South Bay girl, I constantly got the Davenport comparison. So I’m very excited to see her get elected to the Tennis Hall of Fame! Couldn’t have happened for a nicer person and I love how involved she still is in the tennis world!

If you have any “tennis throwbacks” be sure to tweet at us (@tenniswarehouse), snap a quick photo and share it with us on Instagram (#tenniswarehouse), or comment here!

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