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Posted on April 23, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Training at the ATA in Irvine, CA

Training at the ATA in Irvine, CA

Following a good week of training at Advantage Tennis Academy in Irvine I have just arrived in Ojai ready to play the 113th Ojai Valley Championships. I play my first round of Qualifying this morning at 9:30am, followed by a 2pm match, assuming I get through the first one.

The last week has been more about recovery than anything for me. I have worked hard to play within myself and maintain a healthy balance between high intensity training and being smart and cautious.

Something I’ve really had to change in my training regime is the amount of time I spend out on court. Due to the fact that I’m still technically in the final stages of my knee rehabilitation program, I’ve had to limit my time on court, replace it with gym work and as much stretching and icing as possible. So far it’s worked fairly well and I’m starting to find a good balance.

One thing my new approach has really helped me do is be incredibly focused. When I do get out on the court my concentration is better and therefore I’m more intense and efficient. This way I’m able to spend less time on the court and yet be much more productive. Every day I go out I have a set thing I’m working on. Sometimes I even have a specific theme or part of my game that I really focus on for the whole week. I believe it is so important to have set, specific goals and defined aspects of your game that you intend to work on at the beginning of every week. This week my main goal is tightening up the mental side of my game. With another tournament comes a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn and improve. Hopefully it will be a great week!



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