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The beginning

Posted on April 10, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Today is Day 1 of my first tournament back – The Yonex Cup in Palos Verdes, CA.

My singles draw for the Yonex Cup

My singles draw for the Yonex Cup

I play this evening at 6pm, a bit late and a bit of an adjustment, but I’ll be ready to go. Having no American Ranking I have been handed quite a tough singles draw. I don’t know much about the guy I play in the first round this evening, but I am placed right at the top half of the draw so if I get through today’s match I’ll play the number 1 seed tomorrow, who received a bye in the first round.

My doubles draw.

My doubles draw.

With regards to doubles, I am playing with a young Bulgarian player, Ibrahim Karmadzha, who trains with me at Advantage Tennis Academy. We have a reasonable draw. If all goes well we’ll meet the No. 2 seeds, the pair of Elliot & Pulgar in the Semi Finals.

Having been away from competitive tournament play for so long it’s going to be a challenge, but I know regardless of my results in the next few weeks it’s exactly what I need to get mentally match tight again and ready for the Futures Circuit.

There’s nothing quite like tournament play. It is very difficult to simulate the thoughts and emotions that arise in the heat of the moment. Therefore, you can’t get tournament tough unless you’re playing tournaments. One can feel great in practice but as soon as you step onto that court in a tournament it’s a whole different ball game. However, with that said I’m really looking forward to the challenge, and win or lose its going to be great to be back in the mix. I’ll keep you posted as the tournament progresses.



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