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Rain Delay

Posted on October 22, 2010 in Pro Tennis Talk

October 21, 2010

My entire life has been in a rain delay over the past few days. I was scheduled to play my first round doubles match in the Calabasas Challenger on Monday night, but due to all the rain that we’ve been getting in the Los Angeles area over the past few days, my match kept getting postponed. Day after day I waited, all with my Wednesday night flight to Thailand looming ahead in the very near future. But the weather would not cooperate, and my match continued to get pushed back all the way until tonight (Thursday night), forcing me to reschedule my flight to Thailand until next week. The opportunity to play in the main draw of this Challenger is something I just don’t want to miss. There are players in the top 500 in the world that struggle to get into Challenger events, and the chance to get some valuable ATP points is something I can’t let myself pass up.

So the past few days have been a little bit hectic, not knowing when the weather would let up and trying to rearrange all my travel plans to Thailand. It was frustrating just sitting and waiting, knowing there is nothing I can do but wait as the weather held my fate in its hands. I tried my best to stay active and loose, getting in stretching sessions every day and squeezing in a run on the beach between the torrential downpours on Tuesday. Once the rain let up and the courts were somewhat dry, I hit the courts yesterday afternoon for a couple hours. That was my first hit since my singles match in the qualifying on Sunday.

Today I will get in a good stretch in the morning and a warm up hit sometime during the day, while mentally preparing for the match tonight. I’m really excited to play! My partner Gary Sacks is playing in front of his hometown fans at the club he grew up and is also coming off a big win last night in the singles draw over former top-100 player Cecil Mamiit. I believe we have a good chance tonight if we can do the basics well, keep the first serve percentages high and make a lot of high-quality returns, and use the energy of Gary’s hometown fans to our advantage. Should be a lot of fun and a great experience!

Stay tuned for results from tonight, or follow all the action on procircuit.usta.com. Thanks for reading!



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