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Qualifying in Claremont, CA

Posted on September 6, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

I drove out to Claremont yesterday in the sweltering heat to sign in for the singles qualifying. It was 99 degrees at 6:30pm! It’s certainly going to be a hot week out there!

The draw was posted last night at 9pm and I am fortunate enough to be seeded 5, which means I received a first round bye and a day off on Friday. This came as great news as I felt like I really needed the extra day to work out the little kinks in my game and more importantly rest and rehab my bruised quadricep.

I’m planning on taking it pretty easy today. I’ve got a hit lined up for 2pm, then work on my serve for an hour and get a good stretch in. I’m feeling pretty confident. If I can just relax and play my game, I should be fine. My bigger concern at this point is my body. My strokes feel great, the difference is going to be my body and whether or not I can make it through qualifying without it breaking down. After the disappointment in Santa Maria I’m determined to do everything in my power to as stay loose and supple as possible. If that means and extra hour or two of icing and stretching per day, then so be it. I’m determined and I’m looking forward to the three challenging weeks ahead.



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