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No doubles…moving on to Sherbrooke

Posted on March 1, 2011 in Pro Tennis Talk

March 1, 2011

My partner and I ended up not making the ranking cut for the doubles draw, so our week here in Montreal in terms of tennis is done early. For the doubles main draw in Futures events, they combine the partners’ two singles rankings and total them together, and select the top 13 teams (including 3 wildcard teams that the tournament can give to anyone) to fill out the 16-team main draw. Unfortunately, our combined rankings were not high enough for the cut this week, and we couldn’t get in the draw.

So the next tournament begins in Sherbrooke (a close suburb of Montreal, about 100 miles away) on Saturday morning. Today I took the day off tennis in order to give the body, and particularly my healing knee, a rest, but still hit the gym hard. Tomorrow will be back to the courts and the gym, and on Thursday I’ll get a practice in here in Montreal before we head off to Sherbrooke for the next tournament!

Obviously a disappointing first leg to the trip, but I believe the short week can be a positive in a multitude of ways. First of all, it enables me to rest the body a bit and stay fresh, along with allowing me to work on my strength and conditioning a little more aggressively than I normally would during a tournament. This is important on a long trip like I’m on (almost two months straight on the road), where the body can fatigue and you can get away from the habits that are required to keep taking care of your body. Secondly, my singles match along with being able to watch a lot of matches this week is giving me a better sense of how I need to play in the coming weeks in order to be successful on these quick indoor courts. The more offensive player is winning every match, and when I’m on court practicing I’m really going after every shot and taking advantage of any opportunities to attack within a point. Being able to practice that a lot this week is going to enable me to use that strategy more effectively in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for updates as I prepare for the coming tournament in Sherbrooke, Quebec…thanks for reading!



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