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Doubles in Ilkley

Posted on July 15, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Taking a break during play in Ilkley, England.

Taking a break during play in Ilkley, England.

The singles matches ran late, pushing back our doubles encounter with the number four seeds. The conditions were hot and the grass courts were a little slippery from the moisture in the air.

The match was a strange one. The ball was skidding through the court, barely making it off the ground. This made returning serve virtually impossible, and subsequently service games were flying by with barely a rally. Unfortunately, we were the first to falter at 4-4, and we got broken. They held to take the set.

The second set was more of the same. We came very close to breaking at 4-4 ourselves but couldn’t quite get it done and before we knew it we had got broken ourselves, and the match was over 4-6 4-6. It was a disappointing result. Not because I felt we played badly but because I really thought we had a good chance of doing well in the tournament. Perhaps with a little more practice and matches together we can be more successful.

Enjoying some sightseeing during my free time.

Enjoying some sightseeing during my free time.


Unfortunately, next week’s tournament in Felixstowe has turned out to be a complete mess for me. Without knowing it I was still entered into a tournament in Joplin, MO, during the same week. Even though my first priority was to play Felixstowe, the ITF automatically withdrew me from the tournament because initially I was accepted into Joplin while I was only an alternate for Felixstowe. As soon as I found out about this mix up I withdrew from the tournament in Joplin, however it was too late and the ITF classified my withdrawal as a late withdrawal, meaning that I am not allowed to play any event that week. It’s a sad end to what’s been a tough few weeks in England, but I’m going to use the time to rest for a few days, do some sightseeing and travel around with my dad.

The next tournament I’m set to play in is a $100,000 Challenger in Aptos, Santa Cruz back in California in early August. There’s a good chance I’ll be able to get a wildcard into both the singles and the doubles qualifying draws. It will be a great opportunity and is something worth really working for in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your support! I’ll keep you posted over the coming weeks in the build up to Aptos.



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