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Day 4: Tie break win

Posted on June 8, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Without a singles match to play, I was able to sleep in and get to the courts around 11. Though I hated not being out there, I was able to watch a couple matches before getting in a hit.

One match in particular was entertaining — both players were very emotional and mouthing off to each other. My opponent from yesterday was able to win in 3 sets again. Did I mention that it killed me not to be playing still?

But, the fact is that I was still in the doubles, and I expected a tough, close match. In fact, it turned out to be just that!

Nearly every game in the first set was very close and with game points, but we just couldn’t pull them out. We lost the first set 6-1. I still knew we could win it though and we were able to edge out the second set 6-4.

We were having some great points and fun exchanges. My partner was serving absolute bombs and ending points at the net, while I was returning really well and making several defensive reflex volleys around the service line and touch angles that I normally am not quite as capable of.

The third set ended up going to a tie break, and the match was getting intense, combined with amazing plays that we were vocally celebrating on many points. We closed out  the match 7-4 in the breaker and advanced to the semis! What a fun match to pull out! Just yesterday I lost a bit of a heartbreaker but the doubles win had me enthused all over again.

The next match will be tough. If we play well I believe we have a chance. Win or lose, we will be playing Sunday for first or third, and some money. Time to become a doubles specialist!



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