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Day 2: Windy

Posted on June 6, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

After being very apprehensive about this match, I knew that I wanted to make it to Thursday (at the very least), and would do anything I could to get the win today. I was ready to play through any pain and play my game.

I did an extensive warmup in a field, and then prepped the leg as best as I could. It felt ok, and I tried to forget all about it.

It was quite windy today, so I knew it would be extra important to be focused and play high percentage tennis. My opponent had a big serve and forehand, so I wanted to be ready to play defense and get lots of shots in the court. I started off not serving very well for a couple of games but despite that fact, fought back to win them. It continued like that as I took the match in a very game-by-game manner. As a result, I was winning all of them, even on his serve and when we had tight 30-30 points.

I won the first set 6-1 and was ready to try and build an early lead in the second to drop the hammer. To my surprise and relief, my leg was not in much pain, though I fortunately didn’t have to run too hard or a whole lot. I was able to keep playing consistently and I stayed focused to beat the wind. As a result, I took the second set 6-1 and was happy to win the match and make it into the round of 16.

Later in the day, I teamed up for doubles with my partner (who happened to be my opponent from singles earlier) to play our first round. My partner is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever played with so that’s nice to see and makes it fun. And with a 6-3 6-1 win today in doubles, it was even more fun. Our next match will be the round of 16 and we will play a team that received a walk over in their first round.

Tomorrow will be a tough challenge again as I’m going up against the young-gun 3rd seed. If my leg can keep from getting too bad from a lot of hustle, then hopefully I will have a shot. Thanks and till next time!



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