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Claremont doubles and Costa Mesa singles…on the same day!

Posted on September 16, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

We had one heck of a run to the finals of the doubles in the Claremont Futures. Unfortunately, that run came to an abrupt end on Thursday afternoon against the number one seeds, Carsten Ball and Daniel Garza. Both my partner Fabian and I struggled to find our rhythm, and we never really got into the match. We had a few break chances early and let a couple of deciding points go begging, but for a most part it was a bit of a bad day for us. Our opponents played solid tennis from start to finish. They served well, took control of the net and kept us constantly off balance. We couldn’t find a way to break them down and we had cashed in our whole allotment of comeback cards for the week. We went down 6-3 6-2. All in all it was a great week for us, and it was a really good feeling to get some positive reinforcement and good results.

On Thursday morning before my doubles I played my first round of qualifying in the Costa Mesa Futures. I managed to come through comfortably 6-3 6-3. I won my next match against a player from UCSB on Saturday before losing my third round qualifying match on Sunday. I felt drained and pretty beat up. Playing a match or two every day for the last 2 weeks has really taken a toll and at this point everything is hurting. Not to take anything away from my opponent though. Andre Dome, my former doubles partner and teammate at Cal Poly, was just too solid.

The silver lining is now I get a day or two off. I’m going to rest up and turn my focus and attention onto the doubles. I’m playing with an old friend and countryman Keith Crowley. Keith and I played juniors together and won the South African National Doubles Championships back in 2006. It should be an interesting week.



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