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A weird week

Posted on May 31, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

It’s been a strange week. With regards to my UK Visa and my trip to Israel for Futures, there has been absolutely no progress. I have not heard a word from the British Consulate in New York, I have not had my UK visa approved yet and I have not received my passport back. Therefore, I can go exactly nowhere. My plan was to leave for Israel next week Tuesday and make it there in time to sign in and play qualifying in the second tournament of three in Herzliya. At this point I am just hoping to get my passport back in time to make the third and final tournament in Israel. It is becoming incredibly frustrating.

I played a tournament on the weekend…well, sort of. The Dente Memorial Classic at the Avila Bay Club in Avila Beach unfortunately did not go according to plan. I started out great, winning my first match fairly easily 6-1 6-2. I was playing really well in my second match and was up 6-2 3-0. ¬†At 3-0, 30-15, I went for a wide forehand on the run, landed a little awkwardly, and felt something in my right knee pop. Following the pop my knee locked up and refused to move. I’ve had similar symptoms in the past but never quite that bad. There wasn’t too much pain, the problem was more the fact that I could no longer push off my right side. I tried to continue, and attempted to hack my way to 3 more games, but my opponent was a little too solid for that and reeled off the next 8 games in a row. Midway through the 3rd set I decided that it was pointless to continue and I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt myself even more and put my upcoming Futures tour in jeopardy.

As of right now the knee feels ok. After a lot of hard work in the gym all week I got back out on the court yesterday for the first time. It felt a little stiff, but nothing too serious. While I absolutely hate pulling out of competition, I’m definitely glad I got off that court on Saturday early because otherwise I think it may have taken me over a week to recover. So everything’s still a go, I just have to wait and see what happens with my UK visa and how soon I get my passport back.



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