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A change of plan

Posted on May 16, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

Tennis-wise it has been a great week so far. My game is feeling good, both physically and mentally, and I’ve been able to get in plenty of hours out on the drilling court as well as a handful of sets. Physically, my knee is feeling better than it has in some time. I’ve been pushing myself to the limit over the last week and so far the body’s holding up nicely. It seems like the more movement and gym work I do the better the knee feels. When I barely move or skip a day or two of running on the treadmill or out on the field that’s when things tighten up and become stiff and sore. Sometimes these kinds of injuries don’t make sense, but hey, I’m smiling and I’m going to run with it and ask questions later.

Tennis aside, this week has been an absolute nightmare. I’m starting to realize that managing your schedule as a professional tennis player is close to a full time job. I’ve been entering, withdrawing, and changing plans like it’s going out of fashion.

Mexico turned out to be a no go. The acceptance list for the first tournament came out on Thursday and I found myself at position #156 on the Alternate list, meaning that there were 155 people trying to get into the qualifying tournament that were ahead of me. Simply put, that’s not where you want to be. Apparently everyone and their uncles, aunties and grandmothers fancy 3 weeks in Cancun for a bit of tennis.

That little detail has caused me to have to change all of my plans. The week of the 27th of May is now officially a write-off. I am currently looking for tournaments to play from the beginning of June on. I have entered tournaments in India, Israel and Turkey, and will just have to wait and see what the tournament lists look like (strength-wise) in a few days so that I can assess my chances of getting in and figure out which tournaments make the most sense to travel to. I will keep you posted.

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