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1st Round @ Hard Courts

Posted on June 5, 2013 in Pro Tennis Talk

I got up early this morning and felt OK, so was hoping for the best. I decided to go to the trainer at the tournament and see if he had any ideas for my groin injury. He gave me some bio freeze to rub and a compression sleeve. It felt weird but I would do about anything to avoid pain.

Going into the match, I was hoping to keep the points short and get off court quickly without knowing much about what was going on across the other side of the net. It is still a mental hurdle to not want to move aggressively whether something hurts or even if it does not.

Things were not going well, at all. I felt really flat and uncomfortable, missing lots of shots. My opponent also came up with some unbelievable plays like diving volley winners, or the stretch angle winners, and more. Altogether the result was getting down 2 breaks and wondering how I am going to do anything in this tournament. At that point, I decided to at least make shots and try to run if needed, as I wasn’t feeling much discomfort in the leg. I ended up coming back to win 6-4.

The second set went better stroke-wise and I got an early lead. However, my leg was starting to feel pretty bad after going for some forehands and more movement. I decided to break out a fresh racquet for some control. After the first shot felt a little strange, I look down and see the racquet is warped. It is bent like a “j” in the racquet head. What else can go wrong?

After going back to the loose stick and being out a racquet for the rest of the summer, I finished it off 6-0. My leg feels pretty sore, so I am pretty concerned for tomorrow and Thursday, if I get that far. I will be playing my doubles partner tomorrow. I played him several years ago — though I won handily, he surely has improved and hits big, and has had some close scores with quality players.

I will try my best to play through it and not give up, but will use best judgement if I’m really hurting and feel I cannot win. I certainly don’t want to lose more of the summer because of this injury. I’m definitely deflated but will try to go in positive!



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