2014′s best tennis strings

Our best of lists continue today with the playtesters’ favorite strings released this year. Don’t miss our list for shoes and racquets.

A lot of the playtesters favor polyester-based strings, but Brittany chose a multifilament as her string of the year.

Brittany:Wilson Optimus. I’m normally a poly girl, or at least a hybrid girl, so I was pleasantly surprised with Wilson Optimus in a full bed. It is a low-powered multifilament and is comfortable. I found myself stringing it about 5 lbs higher than normal to get a crisper feel. Lastly, I loved the sparkly, iridescent color.”

The rest of the team chose a variety of polyester strings.

Michelle:Head Lynx – tons of spin potential, soft enough to string tight, great in all sorts of racquets!”

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2014′s best tennis racquets

Ahhh, ’tis the season for best of lists. We kicked off our wrap up season with the year’s best shoes. Today we pick our favorite racquets of 2014.

Taking a look at TW playtest team’s picks, this was a good year for Wilson and Yonex, particularly the EZONE Ai updates. Three playtesters are now playing with EZONE Ai racquets.

Jason made the switch to the Yonex Ezone Ai 100 this year, making it his No. 1 racquet for 2014. Brittany did as well.

Brittany: “After spending a year looking for my new racquet. I was finally able to end my search with the Yonex EZONE Ai 100. It has the perfect blend of control and power for my game. I love the Yonex feel and the sleek black/green cosmetics. It has a little less power than my two previous racquets, but this allowed me to take fuller, faster swings and receive more stability.

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2014′s best tennis shoes

As we wind down for the year, it’s time to take a look back at our favorite products of 2014. This year we start with shoes. These are our picks for the best in shoes.

Overall there wasn’t one shoe we landed on, but speed is the definitive winner. We picked a bevy of speed-oriented shoes for favorite shoe of 2014.

The Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 was a favorite for both men and women.

Andy: “My favorite match day shoe. Super comfortable, fast-feeling, plenty of support and they look great too!”

Michelle: “Asics Solution Speed 2 — quick, colorful, comfortable and the best shoe to wear on the court and then transition to the gym in! (again, I swear I didn’t read Andy’s til AFTER writing this)

Mark: “Slip your feet into these shoes, and you will understand why I did not elaborate any further.”

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