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Gotta Want It

Posted on November 30, 2009 in Health & Nutrition

“Gotta Want It” is a catch phrase that came up when we were shooting a product video review some time ago. If one of the players seemed a bit lacking in effort or concentration, someone would shout out, “C’mon! Ya gotta want it!” (Often times from the camera crew members needing to get to their next project).  This was quickly shortened and modified to “Gotta want it!” Though it usually got a few chuckles, it did hit home, reminding the player to focus. If you follow our product reviews, you’ve probably seen the “Gotta Want It” tees that have been worn here and there.

Using that catch phrase, Chris had come up the with idea of doing an ongoing video series, following a player’s training for a tournament and culminating with the results of that tournament. I was asked to be that player. Chris and I had talked about him getting me ready to play doubles with him. Me, being the weaker player as the video would showcase my skills, or lack thereof. Chris being the master. Me being the student. From there it would show my improvement (hopefully), and then being tested in tournament play. A poor man’s Karate Kid if you will. Do you think I look like Ralph Macchio? I guess that would make Chris Mr. Miyagi. Same hair style anyway.

Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis became my nemesis (maybe I should refer to my nemesis as the Cobra Kai since I’m comparing myself to “Daniel-san”) and had me somewhat sidelined to the degree of not being able to play/train at 100%, nor be able to practice with an acceptable frequency. So, Miyagi’s cars remained unwaxed, the floor unsanded and the fence unpainted for some time.

Many months later, with another birthday under my belt (or should I say under my obi), I am much healthier. With that health comes hunger and motivation. I want it. I “Gotta Want It”!

Keep your eyes peeled in early 2010 for this segment on our website. And no, I won’t be using the “Crane” technique. Miyagi won’t allow it this time! I may need a shoulder to cry on. Elisabeth Shue, where are you?

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