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Get flexible with the Athlete Stretch Strap

Posted on January 19, 2012 in Health & Nutrition

Fine. OK. Since we’re being honest, I will admit that when it comes to stretching I have not always been the most disciplined. Old habits die hard, and you could in fact say, that as a youth, I hated stretching. My flexibility has always been varied. I can touch my toes easily, but my hips are like steel rods. So stretching always consisted of a quick quad stretch, calves, achilles. Maybe sit on the ground and stretch my butt or hamstrings but in terms of quality or quantity? It was neither. Stretching is like flossing. I know it’s good for me. I know it’s going to help me be healthier. Growing up, my parents used to yell at me for not doing it. You could even offer me incentives for doing it, and I still wouldn’t want to. It was just one of those things. It took ages, it was uncomfortable and because I was playing so much tennis and was always tight, it took a lot of effort for very little payback. I even unwittingly signed up for a yoga class in my freshman year of college and spent the entire time either in serious amounts of pain because I couldn’t cross my legs like a normal person, or asleep on my yoga mat. The solution? The Athlete Stretch Strap.

Athlete Stretch Strap

With age comes wisdom, a general tolerance for things I previously hated and the realization that my back pain (I have a chronic lumbar injury) is greatly reduced with stretching. This is where the Athlete Stretch Strap comes in. I think a lot of people are discouraged because if it’s hard to touch your toes, then where do you even start without being in a lot of pain? Yeah, we all want to do everything we can to be better athletes or tennis players, but the level of discipline needed to consistently stretch is pretty high. The Stretch Strap simplifies everything. It really works as an extension of your arms, with convenient loop holes that cater to the measurements of any athlete.

The Athlete Stretch Strap is great for both before and after practice, as an injury prevention tool or recovery aid. What I like most about it is that it can be an aid for really getting into your stretches and pushing yourself or as a way to gently stretch areas that are otherwise really hard and painful to reach. It’s particularly good for stretching legs while lying on the ground, but it’s also good for arms and back while standing up too. It has loop holes along its whole length so it’s adjustable to whatever stretch or level of difficulty you’re looking for.

Examples of just one of the ways to use the Athlete Stretch Strap

As with most of my favorite products, these come in different colors: blue and the ever-so-feminine pink. The Athlete Stretch Strap is definitely one of those products that, with a little bit of commitment to a greater cause (your flexibility), makes a mundane and annoying task really that much easier. The joy of it is that it’s not limited to a certain type of person. Use one as a way to help with your regular stretch routine or as a way to increase general flexibility for greater well-being. It’s hard not to sound like a commercial going on about the benefits of this product so let’s put it this way: Stretching makes you feel great, can reduce pain or (hopefully) prevent injury. So do it. Want to make stretching easier? Use the Athlete Stretch Strap.

If you’ve been a slacker like me, find stretching never gets you anywhere or, I’ll just say it because I’ve been there, are just plain ol’ lazy, then heed my advice: take it from the stiffest, previously-most-stretch-lazy Kiwi in the US. The Athlete Stretch Strap is worth it. And the sense of achievement you feel when you can do basic movement without hurting? Worth it, mate.




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