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Week 2 FDL Results and Interview

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Miscellaneous

We’re off and running in the TW Friday Doubles League with two more matches just completed last Friday afternoon. In the first match, Team Johnson & O’Leary (Andy/Spencer) and Team Leftovers (Troy/Mark) went back and forth early on, with long deuce games. After a tough hold by Troy to get the match to 3-4, Andy and Spencer won 11 of the next 12 points to help them secure an 8-3 victory. (Click here for some video footage of last week’s matches!)

Brittany and Michelle (Team Blonde) put up a strong 8-3 victory this week over Team Air Cooled.

Brittany and Michelle (Team Blonde) put up a strong 8-3 victory this week over Team Air Cooled.

In the second match, Team Blonde (Michelle/Brittany) came out with an excellent gameplan and executed to perfection against Team Air Cooled (Granville/Chris). The girls jumped out to an early lead, held off a fierce comeback attempt, and finished strong for an 8-3 victory.

“Since we have played them several times before we knew what to expect – serve and volley, solid volleys, and lots of slice,” Brittany said following the match.  “We wanted to play consistent, smart tennis and then when we had the opportunity to be aggressive to take advantage of that.  We were aiming for a high percentage of first serves and returns to start the point, then solid groundstrokes with a lot of shots down the middle. Lastly, we were ready to hit one more volley than we were used to because both of them have great hands.”

Week 2 Results:

Team Johnson & O’Leary def. Team Leftovers…8-3
Team Blonde def. Team Air Cooled…8-3

Week 3 Matchups:

Team Leftovers vs. Team Blonde
Team Johnson & O’Leary vs. Team Air Cooled (to be played the following week)


IMG_8908 copyHere are a few more questions I asked Brittany and Michelle following their match today:

Q: What’s your favorite part about living in San Luis Obispo, CA?

Michelle: “I can honestly say I love everything about SLO! The people here are so nice and friendly. I’ve always wanted to live here and am lucky to be able to call it home now. Not to mention, I really enjoy being able to go for a hike, hang out at the beach and go wine tasting all in one day. It really is the happiest place in the USA!”

Brittany: “I have to pick one? I don’t think that is possible.  But I guess just the location in general because we are close to some gorgeous beaches, lots of hiking, several lakes, and right in between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The downtown has tons of restaurants, bars, and unique shops, and there are always fun events going on.  I also can’t forget to mention all the amazing wineries, and my co-workers :-).”


Q: Who do you feel you play most similar to or relate to the most on the pro tour?

Michelle: “Mentally, I feel like Alexandr Dolgopolov and I share a brain. Luckily I’m working on being a bit more disciplined mentally in doubles, but I’ve been known to go for THE lowest percentage shot. Playing-wise, I like to compare my game to Petra Kvitova. Again, not always the highest percentage player, but she hits a big ball the way I like to and you can see the mental struggles she faces on the court.”

Brittany: “There is not a specific player I play like on the pro tour.  If I had to pick I would say Victoria Azarenka with a little mix of Caroline Wozniacki.  I try to be aggressive and dictate points, but I can also be very consistent and run a lot of balls down to wear out my opponent.”


IMG_8917 copyQ: If you could have one singer sing you “Happy Birthday” at your next birthday, who would it be and why?

Michelle: “Such a tough question as I’m obsessed over all things music! But I’m going to go with Matt Nathanson because he’s not only an awesomely talented musician, he does some sick cover songs, he’s super fun live, and his birthday is the day before mine!”

Brittany: “Justin Timberlake…love him!”


Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive interviews! Video footage of the matches we will be up shortly. Thanks for reading!



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