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US Open Sectional

Posted on June 22, 2013 in Miscellaneous Pro Tennis Talk

This weekend we have the US Open National Playoff sectional for the Northern division, and it will be played at the University of Minnesota. It is nice to have a local tournament after having to travel and be gone for a week in San Diego! There is quite a mix of players in all of the events, and with some tough competition as well. The weather has turned quite humid and sometimes very warm recently, so I always leave the courts drenched!

I started with singles and the afternoon, and cruised along pretty well to win 6-0 6-0. I played on court next to Brian Battistone, who I may end up against in the final. It was interesting to see him playing in person with his jump serving and two-handled racquet, and he plays tough. Another tough opponent, Evan Song, withdrew apparently from an injury and is not here. After finishing, I was able to watch my mixed doubles partner go up against a currently ranked top 500 WTA player. A few things here and there did not quite go her way as she lost 7-6 6-4, but I would say the result is commendable for a 14 year old.

In mixed doubles later that evening, I knew we would have a tough battle, and that is what it turned out to be. With no-ad scoring, I think we lost 3 deuce games and we could have played better as we lost 6-4. I still was not volleying the best in the second set, but we got up an early break. They did get it back however, and we were on serve when we were moved indoors due to rain. At that point, we were very successful and closed the 2nd set 7-5, and won handily in the 10-point tiebreaker 10-3! I dont know how we won, but we somehow pulled it off and will play again tomorrow.

If things go according to plan, I will have a couple singles matches, and then mixed in the evening. The semifinal in the afternoon could be somewhat tough, as I have played a fairly close straight set match with my expected opponent a few years ago in this same tournament. Hopefully I have good news to share!



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