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TW’s current Bosworth racquets

Posted on January 7, 2013 in Miscellaneous Racquets

A little while ago I did some blogs on the Bosworth collection, (check it out here) and covered some of the racquets we had available at the time. This stuff sells quick and they’re usually not racquets that you’ll see around for sale very often. As I mentioned in that first blog, as a general rule, once something is online and gets sold, that’s the last you’ll ever see of it.

To re-explain: The Bosworth custom racquets come from the late Warren Bosworth, who specialized in customizing racquets to help professionals optimize their performance. He thought that racquets in stock form were limiting — racquets produced for the masses weren’t always what different pros needed, so he decided to provide unique setups to suit each player’s specific requirements. Every player is different and desires a different customization for their racquet, so Bosworth explored that idea by watching, coaching, listening, experimenting and working with different pros to create setups and specs that would help each play his or her best tennis.

As per usual, our inventory has changed and I wanted to let you all know some of the cool and very unique racquets that we currently have available in our vintage racquet collection.


Bosworth Head Director Racquet

Bosworth Head Director

Manufactured in the US in 1982, the Head Director is a unique racquet with an interesting elongated head shape. It features an extruded aluminum frame and provides a wonderful snapshot of the era just before graphite. It provides a comfortable and solid on court.

Specs: Contains original leather grip. Grip size 4. Specs include 100 square inch head size, an unstrung weight of approximately 12.3 ounces, an 18×19 string pattern, standard length, and has a bumper-less grommet system.




Bosworth-ProKennex Comp Destiny Rac

Bosworth-ProKennex Comp Destiny 

If you think this racquet shape looks familiar, then you are right. The Pro Kennex Composite Destiny is the predecessor to the Babolat Pure Drive model with its rounded shaft and aero head. Also features original blue Pro Kennex leather grip still in the plastic and original blue working grommets. Made in Taiwan.

Specs: It features Destiny Performance System (DPS) technology, a 95 square inch headsize, weighs in at 12.5 ounces strung, a 16 x 19 string pattern, and is standard length.




Bosworth Pro Kennex Graphite Presence

Bosworth Pro Kennex Graphite Presence

Comfort, power and stability! This classic widebody racquet has an oval shaft that pre-dates the one used in the Babolat Pure Drive. It offers a very solid feel with minimal vibration. The sweetspot is luxurious. This one swings fast from the baseline, making it ideal for players who like to load the ball with spin and power. There is enough mass to keep the racquet steady at impact. A great all- court racquet for players in search of comfort and controllable power.

Specs: Comes with a leather grip. Six grip size 3 and one grip size 2. Specs include a headsize of 105 square inches, a standard length, a 16×19 string pattern and an unstrung weight of approximately 12.3 ounces.


Bosworth Slazenger Panther Pro Ceramic OMS +

Bosworth Slazenger Panther Pro Ceramic OMS +

Part of the Panther series, the Ceramic OMS Plus features strategically positioned ceramic fibers to produce a larger power zone. OMS stands for Optimum Mass System technology at the 12, 5 and 7 o’clock positions on the hoop. This one has an extremely precise response and is aimed at stronger players who want maximum stability, control and feel.

Specs: Grip size 4 5/8. Plastic still on handle. Features a Slazenger grey leather grip. Specs include an unstrung weight of 12 ounces, a length of 27 inches, a headsize of 100 square inches and a string pattern of 16×19.


Bosworth Wimbledon Graphite

Bosworth Wimbledon Graphite

An old school graphite racquet with some heft. They don’t come more solid than this. Made of 100% graphite. The thin beam offers a classic feel and the open pattern provides nice bite with an expanded sweetspot. A great snapshot of the early graphite era. Huge power for those who can swing it.

Specs: Comes with the original leather grip. Grip size 5. The racquet is strung and comes professionally customized by Bosworth with generous lead at 3 & 9 o’clock. Specs for the strung version include a length of 27 inches, a flex of 63 (RA), a weight of 12.9 ounces, a 16×19 string pattern and a swingweight of 363 (RDC).


Bosworth Snauwaert Aluminum

Bosworth Snauwaert Aluminum

Another eye-catching racquet joins the Bosworth collection. This gorgeous racquet has a golden copper-bronze finish that can only be fully appreciated in person. The mid-sized head features the Bosworth Angle Arc to give it a very distinctive look. The bridge of this racquet is made of a very strong, very durable material known as Zytel ST (Super Tough) 801, so it is as tough today as it was the day it left the factory. The handle is wrapped in nothing but the best, a first quality leather grip.

Specs: Each racquet has its individual specs (grip size, weight in grams, balance in millimeters) engraved onto the side of the beam.


Auf Wiedersehen!



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