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TW Friday Doubles League…Playoffs!

Posted on July 23, 2013 in Miscellaneous

comp_stand_smIt’s playoff time in the TW Friday Doubles League! The tension is building, the competitive juices are flowing, and the teams are being tested in the fight to survive!

We seeded the playoffs based on the regular season results, and the semifinals matchups were as follows…

(1)Team Johnson & O’Leary (Andy/Spencer) vs. (4)Team Leftovers (Mark/Troy)
(2)Team Blonde (Brittany/Michelle) vs. (3)Team AirCooled (Chris/Granville)

See Semifinal highlights here!!

The semis were played last week, with the number 1 seeds taking the court first against the crafty lefties, hungry for their first win of the season and the big upset. Unfortunately, Mark was hobbled by a knee injury and Troy was struggling with a foot injury, and Andy and Spencer took full advantage. They came out with their guns blazing and took the first match 8-2.

Team Blonde then took the court with Team AirCooled, seeking revenge for two close regular season losses to the girls. Chris and Granville got off to a good start by grabbing an early break. As the girls battled back, a couple of deuce games that could go either way when to the guys, and they jumped out to a 7-4 lead. One more tough game later and Team AirCooled got their retaliation, 8-4.

This Friday, we play the finals, the match that decides it all.

(1)Team Johnson & O'Leary

(1)Team Johnson & O’Leary


(3)Team AirCooled

(3)Team AirCooled










Stay tuned for the results!



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